Posted by: Jo | February 5, 2009

GACKT – RRII Tour Reports

The following links lead to reports made by fellow Dears who went to the RRII lives. Personally, I love hearing reactions from other fans because it’s their own experiences, opinions, and feelings put into their reports. And when reading their reports, I find myself transported into that night with them… it’s a great feeling ❤
Anyway, enjoy~

*Note: These reports go in chronological order, so the first one on the list is more towards the beginning of the tour whereas the bottom *cough*MINE*cough* is at the end =]

gacktisgod’s Report

monoboo’s Report 1

pixiezdust’s Report

groovy-walls’s Report Pt. 1

amaiakuyume’s Report 1

amaiakuyume’s Report 2

amaiakuyume’s Report 3

amaiakuyume’s Report 4

blurredcolor’s Report 1

monoboo’s Report 2

xx-rory-chan-xx’s Report

monoboo’s Report 3

sankakukoen’s Report

xrytalmad’s MC Report

shinimegami21’s Report

My Report

blurredcolour’s Report 2

pyroyale’s Report

I’ll post more reports when I learn about them =]


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