Posted by: Jo | June 15, 2009

GACKT – Hard Rock Magazine (France) Interview!

This was a while ago, sorry n.n;
GACKT was interviewed in the French version of Hard Rock Magazine! Thanks to sakurasenshi and Okabe’s Dear for this x3
Hard Rock Magazine Interview


  1. Thanks for the link credit thingy-bopper xDD

    • sakurasenshi: No problem-o x]

  2. Konbanwa my dear !! Hope you’re fine^^ i have this magazine at home with gackt’s interview inside ❤

    • Moon: Konnichiwa! Yes I’m good, I hope you are too x3 Lucky you! I bet you enjoy it all the time right >D?

  3. Yes im fine,thanks =) yeah im lucky for this magazine but i guess you must have more magazine than me no? I have some gackt’s magazine but i continues my gackt’s collection ^_~ kissu dear x3

    • Moon: I dunno, perhaps? I have a lot of the ones from this year and only one from back in 2004-ish, I think o.e; He’s cost me more money this year than ever before xD But it’s all worth it in the end~

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