Posted by: Jo | August 24, 2009

Featured: Subbed Magnum Video Community LJ!

Today I give you a new link on this site – the Subbed Magnum Video Community LJ!
As if the name weren’t epic enough ne xp?

Anyway this community is dedicated to subbing all your favorite videos that feature Gackt (hence the name Subbed Magnum.. xD Oh how I love that name). This includes interviews, performances, and music videos.
They used to post their videos on YouTube but due to copyright enfringements and stuff, they have since resorted to uploading their videos on DailyMotion.

What’s more is that the community provides download links to all their videos, so you can enjoy the subbed glory on your computer without any worry of it being deleted. And if there’s a video that you want to see subbed, feel free to leave a comment in the request post and they will do their very best to sub that video (assuming the rest of their requests are done n.n; ). The request post and download links areĀ for members only though, so you’ll need an LJ account and join their community in order to post a request.

The link to this community can be found under the Sources section and right below!
Subbed Magnum Video Community LJ


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