Posted by: Jo | December 14, 2009

Fan Project – Project G

Suggested by TheVampireLucinda, and after a couple of days on collaborating with other Dears, this project is now being set in motion!
No matter what age, what country you’re from, or how long you’ve been a Gackt fan, this project needs every single one of you!

This is a scrapbook project that will be sent to Gackt for his birthday next year or around that time. The book will contain a compilation of work sent in by fans (i.e. you) and will be bound together into one fantastic little book that will reach Gackt’s hands one way or another.

This is a list of items that can be sent in for the book:
-fan letters (handwritten or via email)
-pictures-collage of us
-sentence in english, mandarin, french, japanese (plus translations maybe)
-essays (short!)
-handmade stuff
-anything else that can fit into a scrapbook

The “scrapbook committee” (as we’ve dubbed them =p) are thevamplucinda, pristineangel92, and elwenaduialloth (Note: These are their LJ usernames). You can contact them if you have any questions about this project. You could also ask me something if you’re too shy to ask one of them, and I’ll send word their way.

The deadline for this project is April 30th, 2010.

Further instructions and details can be found on the main thread for this project here:
Gackt Scrapbook Project

I have also made a special link for this under a new heading on the right sidebar: Fan Projects. This way you can acess the project details and information from now until the deadline =]
Make sure to check back on that link for any changes or additions to the project!

Do your best everyone – let’s make a book filled with smiles that will show Gackt just how much we love him!



  1. Oh, thank you so much, this is so wonderful! *cries out of happiness*

    • Lucinda: No problem dear, it’s a great project after all and t’would be a shame not to share with the world!
      Besides I’ve always seen talk of doing projects for Gackt but none have ever pulled through (that I know knowledge of) so this is exciting~
      *hands tissue and hugs* x]

  2. hello Dear !!

    this project is very interesting , can I join with you ?

    kisuuuuu ❤

    • moon: Of course you can! The information on how to send stuff is all in that link, so make sure to check it out n.n
      Or if you have any problems just ask me~!

  3. Hi dear ^^ xD
    I’m excited about this project. Most of us (fans) don’t know how to do something and send it for our dear GACKT, so this is really going to help a lot ^^

    They can count on me! xD

    • Angela: Hooray~! This is exciting 8D!
      Yeah that’s why I posted about it. I’ve heard of people wanting to do a project for Gackt but it never pulls through. This seems like the first one that will actually turn out great n.n
      Remember, if you need any help or questions just contact the people mentioned in the link or myself.

      Oh and just on a little note, if you ever wanted to send something to Gackt by yourself, in the FAQ there’s a little section about sending him fanmail and etc =]

  4. I would really ask him to stop smoking ><

    • Chica: Well, you do know he quit ne? Back in 2005? The cigarette he used for Flower was only a prop as well as for some photoshoots. Other than that, he doesn’t smoke anymore n.n;

  5. hello Dear !!

    okay for your project =) ARIGATOU ❤

    • moon: Doo itashimashite x]

  6. Hey you… who are you? Must Know You Much More… ^o^

    • Suki M.S.: I be Jo, the girl who runs this here website! And all you be my fellow Dears who bow down to his highness, the all-mighty Gakuto!
      .. Sorry, I got bored there. xD;
      If you read “The Dear Behind Camui Love” page, you’ll find out a little more about me. I doubt I’m as interesting as the main man of this site though n.n;

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