Posted by: Jo | January 27, 2010

Gackt Blog 2010.01.27

For those of you who don’t know, Gackt gets really upset when the media starts creating idiotic stories about him – especially when it involves his Dears. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be the target of Gackt’s rage, that’s for sure!
Gackt Blog 2010.01.27

Thanks to uranus-sama for translating!
Blog Translation



  1. Havee you seen wat excused_early wrote in her blog??? tt really make me wonder if the reports are true… well… we will know the answer when the DVD is out… as in… if the ‘special’ contains oni old PVs and stuffs, it’s a hint tt, tt particular report may be true afterall…

    GACKT is always a mystery!!! 😛 *love*

    But, come to think of it… I wouldnt mind if he rich or poor… Even if he became a old, fat, ugly, poor and bald old man… I can be sure tt I will still be attracted to him… What I love bout him is his character, talentS and voice…. All others are just plus points tt add on to his princy-perfectionalism… how bout you???

    On a side note, if he is really in need…. he can tell his fans, or DEARS… I think all of us will be more than willing to work things out with him… theory of large number… hahaz 😛 yea?

    • Yikiwa: No, I have a lot of things to catch up on – haven’t gotten on the computer for like a week x__x;;
      But when I do I’ll talk to you about it later or something lol

      Most definately. I love Gackt because of his music and his personality – flaws and all. Everything else is a plus you know =]?
      Yay we’re alike 8D

      Hahaha yeah we so would!

  2. Heh, after reading his entry, even *I* was reading to beat the crap out of whoever wrote that. It’s really a shame to see the lengths some people will go to just to “put out a good story” and make a couple bucks. Jerks.

    On a better note, it’s charming that he’s so angry…and he said that he’s so angry because the tabloids involved his fans…That’s so sweet. He has the sweetest murderous rage ever! Lol.


    • Lucinda: Yeah. I always knew the media could go too far but it especially bothers me when it makes Gackt looks like an ass and puts his fans in between, that’s just unforgiveable.
      And yes, yes he does lol

  3. konnichiwa my dear

    oh, poor GACKT , this fucking media I hate them, no I hate this stupid magazine =____=

    GACKT is simply a perfectionnist , so waiting for the DVD <3<3

    I will support forever our Hero =)

    have a nice Day, kisuuu ❤

    • moon: Konbanwa~
      Just all of the tabloids, they’re so dumb o.<;
      Same here ❤

  4. TheVampireLucinda & moon: Don’t you all think it is magical??? Those fucking tabloids try to write bad bout him… But everytime they did tt, they just bring us a step nearer to GACKT… Without those tabloids, we will never know tt GACKT really place us, fans, as his top concern… Isn’t it sort of like a blessing too???
    In addition to tt, we get to see how GACKT’s charimastic way of scolding… *drool* I’m just such a fan girl… am I taking this whole incident too lightly??? But, wateva tt’s written really seems quite a joke to me… 😛

    • Yikiwa: Luckily Gackt’s fans are smart enough to know that what they wrote is complete BS and won’t waste their time with it. Gackt’s world is trusted above all else after all xp

  5. Seriously to this entire situation, I just think poor GACKT >.<!! I literally think he's victimized in the situation as much as his Dears!

    For some reason, I just don't think it's true. The article specifically points out two issues: (1) it's a fraud, and (2) he's broke.

    To the (1), I just think there's no basis to saying it's a fraud. I personally study accounting in school and am aiming to enter a law degree. To my knowledge, for a business event to be recognized as a fraud, it has to be after the fact. Hence, the person collects the money, becomes liable to deliver the goods, and never does so indefinitely. In GACKT's case, unless he decides to take the money, retire and run (and of course face the risk of going to prison), he just has no incentive to not deliver the good. Afterall, his entire career is based on fame and positive publicity (and of course his art) to generate revenue.

    Then that brings us to collecting money first, delaying the good (whether in the real circumstance due to production team's schedule conflicts, or person reasons – please don't take my saying this in the wrong way as I will in (2)). If the good is simply delayed, GACKT and his company is still liable to deliver it. Even in the worst case scenario that the good is cancelled, GACKT and his company is still liable to pay compensation. (It's not like they can get away anyway.) In this sense, delivering the good late is just a temporal difference in accounting (money difference occured due to time).

    My conclusion for (1) is that he is liable to deliver goods or compensation in some sense. Until he fails to deliver indefinitely (which just won't happen), it is defamation for the tabloid to name this a "fraud"! And I think if he wanted, he could take legal actions.

  6. *oops* I am totally ranting because the situation makes me feel mad for him!!

    Then onto my (2) in which the tabloid said he’s broke: Honestly, if you were to tell me he’s broke 2 years ago when he was going through his downturn in career and life, I might have believed you. If you tell me that he’s broke since 2009, I just don’t believe the tabloid.

    If it was 2 years ago, in which he barely had any production (and barely any incoming revenue) to satisfy his outgoing expenses. Then maybe that could lead to debt. However, in 2009, we all know how many products (albums, songs, magazines, commercials, shows, interviews, concerts, lives etc. etc.) he released, it is very hard to imagine that these incoming revenues won’t satisfy his expenses (doesn’t matter how large or small the expenses are).

    My summary to (2) is I think he’s fine, and turning 37 should be a guy who can well manage himself and his finances. (And we are all witnesses who have seen how good he is at managing his career and social network.)

    So to the tabloids, I think they are just BSing, because it just doesn’t make sense. And to our dear GACKT, we feel your wrath. And we not only believe you and will support you no matter what!!

    • Lucy: Wow, amazing rant~! *applauds*
      Thank you for your input, I totally agree with it.
      And like Gackt said in the blog, he could have just threw it all together quick like and have it sent out ASAP, but that wouldn’t be Gackt-like at all. He doesn’t half-ass things and the DVD is no exception. The articles that started this thing don’t even have reliable sources – they only state “this souce” or “that souce” (literally). Besides, if one would look back at Gackt’s career you can see that he always delivers no matter what. And if there was a mistake in a product, he would have them all re-called and re-shipped (hence the case with the LOST ANGELS single, which was re-called only because No Reason was missing the first 10 seconds of the song). If anyone believes the tabloids on this issue then they truly don’t know Gackt at all.

      As for him being in debt – give me a break. I’m not saying he doesn’ have some little debts to pay here and there (heck we all do, especially in economic downs), but it’s not on such a grand scale that he would be considered broke. And if he was, he couldn’t have pulled off a tour that consisted of 60+ dates.

      I’m kind of just repeating what you said aren’t I? xD;
      Well, my point being you can see that I agree LOL
      Thank you again for the rant ❤

  7. what? wait? NANI?
    sorry I am a bother but what happened to Gackt? what did the media said about him? T-T
    and what does tt means? kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Hyogalover: Firstly, welcome to my site =D!
      You’re no bother, I assure you n.n
      Umm well if you want to know specifically, the link is here. It’s only a translated summary but you get the picture of what they said about him.
      If you click on the link that says “Blog Translation” on this post, it will direct you to a translation of his blog post, where he expresses his anger. Normally he shrugs off ridiculous things the media would say about him and only got slightly ticked off, but because it involved the fans he got pissed o.<;
      Hope that helped!

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