Posted by: Jo | February 8, 2010

Gackt Blog 2010.02.06

Gackt’s been preparing for the Nemuri Project and the Otoko Matsuri (or Men’s Festival), and talks about training and things related to The Matrix (lol).
Gackt Blog 2010.02.06

Thanks to uranus-sama for translating!
Blog Translation



  1. I started to like Gackt when I saw him on t.v last week. Thou he’s a BIG person, he’s so humble and kind.He’s promoting his play and I do wish to see his play but I’m so far from the venue. I do hope that someday I’ll see him in person. If there’s a way where he can do his concert or play here in Fukui, I’ll be the very first one to see it.

    • Melinda: Welcome to my site!
      Oh wow you’re a really new fan then o.o In that case, welcome to the fandom =D
      I hope you do get to see him one day, and lucky you for being so close~!

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