Posted by: Jo | February 8, 2010

Help Gackt get on the Ellen DeGeneres show~!

This has been floating around and it’s about time I get on the bandwagon too~
Let’s help promote Gackt overseas by getting him featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show!
All you have to do is fill out the required information (there’s an option for those who don’t live in the U.S.), pick one of Gackt’s songs to suggest to Ellen, and state your reasons why he should be featured on the show. Mentioning something about him being fluent in English, his movie debut in Hollywood with BUNRAKU, and how famous he is in Japan along with the reasons why you love him should be enough reason to get the ball rolling x]
Help Gackt get on Ellen’s Show!



  1. Hello!
    Where exactly is the option for people outside US? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Irina: in the drop-down box under the section “State”, there’s a choice that says Non-US on there =]
      Also I think that page I linked to was wrong .___.; So I fixed it n.n;

  2. Did it~! Thanks for the heads up on this :3 I hope he gets chosen ~~~ ( I recommended GHOST <3. I think his live performance of that would blow people away šŸ˜€ )

    • furesiya: Yaay~! No problem btw x]
      Hahah yes it would indeed x]

  3. Thank you!

    • Irina: You’re welcome x]

  4. I’m all for seeing GACKT on television, but did it have to be Ellen’s show? That woman creeps me right the heck out.

    • Lady Ju-San: LOL
      Aww I’m sorry ><;
      Well… as long as he gets on the air right? =D;?

  5. I was thinking that maybe he could use the Ellen De Generes show as a platform to spread awareness about the charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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