Posted by: Jo | February 14, 2010

Site Update 2010.02.14

Good day everyone~!

* I’ll be slowly editing posts and begin changing my use of ‘Gackt’ to ‘GACKT’. I’ll probably use the former one when chatting or whatever, but I figured I might as well get on the bandwagon. Besides, if the man ever sees this site (which I doubt), I don’t want him to poke at me XD; That’s just my little paranoia kicking in…

* Results of polls~! I bet you were all wondering about them ne?
Well for Review posts, the majority of you said to have them on Sundays, so that’s when they’ll be. I won’t do them every Sunday (even I’d get tired of that xD; ), but occasionally. I kind of want to do a review for all of his CDs, DVDs, and etc, so eventually there will be a review for all of his media works. I’m sure this will be incredibly handy when you’re like me and can’t decide what version of what you should buy lol.

For Featured posts, those were at a tie between Mondays and Saturdays. I think I will go with the Saturday option because there’s more of a chance I’d have time to post something than on a Monday n.n; I hope that’s okay with you all!

And finally concerning downloading Gackt vids: it was an overwhelming yes to having that option, so I will start putting together my Gackt video clips and have it ready and accessible for you all a.s.a.p. I’ve still been debating on things like PBs, concerts, and stuff that costs money to own, so for now those are at a maybe. I’m only hesitant on that because I want to support Gackt in anyway possible, and I know that there are some (note, not ALL, but some) who will just settle on the downloaded material and won’t consider spending a dime on his official stuff. I want to try to prevent that, but alas… filesharing will continue even if it’s not on this site =\.

* On a lighter note, new site banner is up 8D~! The photo is taken from the Arena 37C Special 2010.02 Scans, thanks to darkness_kai for that! It’s a little Valentine treat I suppose (or Chinese New Year treat, whatever floats your boat lol).

I usually change site banners monthly, unless the banner just really reflects the season we’re in @.@. If any of you guys want to suggest a picture for the site banner, feel free to send me a link to a pic or from what magazine it comes from – I’m open to suggestions. If I can’t decide on one, we might just have a little poll for it~…

* I’m going to start making graphics for each of the pages, just to make it look nicer and stuff. Suggestions for pics for the pages are also being taken 8D

As always leave any suggestions, complaints, or compliments in the comment box.



  1. *just noticed the banner*
    *late* XD

    Aww, that’s pretty…And thanks also for the updates! You put so much work into the site… *ashamed at my own laziness* XD


    • Lucinda: Well I just put it up yesterday soo… not late! xD;;
      Thank you, and you’re welcome x]
      I guess I do, but sometimes I am lazy at doing things… >>;

  2. I’m just back from my CNY holiday and I saw this beautiful beautiful banner…. How sweet can he get??? ~chu~

    Oh… I know I’m bad… But if possible… Can I have tt pic tt you used in the banner??? I really love tt pic… *pls*

    and…. I agree with Lucinda too… I did follow GACKT for quite some time… and been MAD over him since Redemption… But I never tot of hosting a site for him… I just barely managed to update myself on his news… camuilove, you are really hardworking and I’m gald tt GACKT has a fan like you…

    • Yikiwa: Welcome back! Did you have a good trip =]?
      Haha yes, I love this pic sooo much ❤

      Of course you can n.n!
      They're from the Arena37C Special 2010.02 magazine. The original pic is here (along with a couple of other Gackt's on it lol):
      As you can see, I edited it a lot lol

      Aw, thank you so much >w<!
      *hugs tight*

  3. hihi… Thanks… I finally got myself tt pic too… and wow.. you really did edited a lot… GACKT with pinky seats and bicycles didnt really interest me alot…. SO, the 1st time round, I missed his cute cute ~chu~ expression….

    no matter wat… thanks… *muack*

    • Yikiwa: Haha I told you!
      Aww but that’s why you gotta look at all the pictures of Gackt, there could be something that you might miss, like a secret treasure lol
      You’re welcome x] *huggles*

  4. Yesh yesh yesh… I’ve learned my lessons… I think I’ve missed quite a number of his cute cute photos…

    Man… I still cant believed it… GACKT actually agreed to such a gay photo shoot and at the same time, trying (and succeed) in looking cute and adorable…. Pink? tt’s just so not GACKT… Kittens and cats are exceptions to be as they are cute too… but PINK??? hahaz… I’m just cant get over the fact… *sry*

    • Yikiwa: Well, they’re all in the magazine category =D

      Aw I like the pink.. it’s cute. xDDD
      Well it’s all in his attempt to try to smile more and show how happy he is. I’m proud of him for making such an effort n.n

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