Posted by: Jo | February 18, 2010

GACKT – Touch the Numbers

So as most of you know, GACKT’s been addicted to an iPhone game called Touch the Numbers and has featured it in many a staff blog (like 10, the dork).
How addicted you ask?
… The man uses it like Twitter. xD
Please note that it’s possible that all entries with GACKT in the username may not be him. I think it’s safe to say the high scoring ones are him though, since he is competitive :p

Thanks to amaiakuyume, ashura-oh, and nightangel-jai for the translations and pictures!
Around the time of Asia Pop Festival
In Tokyo
A whole day of the insanity
The previous link with pictures…
Last one for now~



  1. This amuses me beyond words. XD Firstly, he’s trying to get a high score on an IPHONE GAME. *shakes head* Secondly, he’s almost using it like Twitter, which is hilarious. But, then, thirdly, there’s this random person who PWNED him hard and then vanished! This is like, some nerd drama! I love it! *dies laughing*


    • Lucinda: Now we know why he’s so damn busy all the time. xDDD

      Ah, but you gotta love his dorkiness ne? <333

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