Posted by: Jo | February 21, 2010

GACKT to be cast as a voice actor for Shiki anime series!

Shiki is a fantasy, horror, vampire manga created by Ono Fuyumi and Ryuu Fujisaki, the story being written by Fuyumi and drawn by Fujisaki. GACKT will be the seiyuu (voice actor) for the character Seishiro Kirishiki. The anime will be debuting this July.
Btw if you want to read up on the story before the anime debuts, you can read the manga at or x]

Thanks to xrytalmad for the info and pictures!
Gackt in Shiki anime series



  1. Do you know about the manga??? I wan to know more about wat kind of character is GACKT going to voice… But… I cant seems to find anything useful….. 😦

  2. kool… thanks… anyway… I read it somewhere on a chinese webbie… GACKT is going to be the voice actor or a mysterious and rich dark prince… Thus, the producer think that the character suit GACKT perfectly…

    *thanks again* for the webbie… I nearly forgot bout tt web… I’m more comfortable to read manga in chinese instead… 😛

    • Yikiwa: You’re welcome x3
      Really? I heard his character was a father… xD Well, I suppose I’ll tell you when I get to that point in the manga n.n;
      Haha no problem~

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