Posted by: Jo | February 25, 2010


No, this isn’t a super band with three GACKT clones (the world would explode were it true LOL), it’s more merchandise! This was advertised in a couple of pages in the GACKTIONARY~
There’s also a link up on the OHP for this collaboration, so I’ll be adding that to the Relates Sites area.

Thanks to xrytalmad for the info and to ryuik for the scans from GACKTIONARY!



  1. Thanks for all you do for Gackt fans. You have a fabulous site. Now my question is, do you have the entire GACKTIONARY scanned? I’d like to read it in Japanese, if possible.

    Thanks again!!!

    • Rhia: Welcome to my site!
      Oh thank you, And you’re quite welcome n/n

      Er, no I do not actually n.n;
      Umm lessee here… I posted the scans to a portion of the Gacktionary a while back – it’s only the scans to the photoshoot for the book, but you could still check those out for fun. For the actual entry scans, as far as I know they are being scanned and uploaded at the G Says Community alongside their respective chapter. I don’t believe Chapter 1 has a scan but the rest after that do. You need an LJ account and have to join the community in order to view them, I’m afraid n.n;

  2. Thank you for the info. I’ll check it out. Thanks again from one Otaku to another!!!

    • Rhia: Haha you’re welcome n.n

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