Posted by: Jo | February 26, 2010

GACKT – NEMURI x GACKT Project Update!

Things are starting to pick up pace in this department~
The official site has been updated with lots of info and the like.
Official NEMURIxGACKT Site

And according to the site and multiple articles, it looks like SUGIZO (ex-guitarist of LUNA SEA, guitarist for X JAPAN and S.K.I.N., and friend of GACKT) will be arranging the music for the production.
There’s also a lovely ad for the project featuring our main man as well as where to buy tickets if you’re going to be in Japan in May.

Thanks to xrytalmad for the information!



  1. Hihi….. it’s been quite some time ever since my last comment…. I’m still following your site like mad and happy tt more and more GACKT’s fan found this site… vivi is one of them, ne??

    anyway… thanks for the hardwork!!! and on a side note, the second link “NEMURIxGACKT Info & Pics” above is not working… 😛

    • Yikiwa: Hello~!
      It’s actually only been like 4 days… but I guess that is kind of like forever haha xD
      I am too x3
      Yes, I believe she is =]

      No problem – as always, you’re welcome n.n
      Ack thank you for telling me that, I’ve fixed the link!

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