Posted by: Jo | February 28, 2010

GACKT – Asia Pop Festival 2010.02.14

This isn’t the whole concert sadly D: but a little re-cap



  1. xD aaaaaaa~~~~ Orenji sounded horrible with all of them singing xDDDD

    (of the clips) you could tell he captured the audience the best with his performance ^^~~~
    *rolls anxiously in anticipation for VISUALIVE***

    • furesiya: Well we can’t expect them all to sound as perfect as Gackt ne xp?
      Oh definately, even the reports I’ve read said that haha!
      *waits for it too* >w<!!

  2. Ay, why didn’t they let Gackt sing Orenji alone. They can choose another song for all the singers sing together, why it must be Orenji ~”~

    And yeah, Gackt rocks! Always make the audience so hot.

    But, I kinda don’t like this hairstyle of him. This one makes his face looks bigger. If he wants something curly, doesn’t the one in Setsugekka look ALOT better?

    • Bab: Indeed. The only ones who should be allowed to sing with him should be Hyde or Leehom imo.
      Oooh yeah~
      Lol I never saw it as making his face bigger xD; But I agree with you. The problem I have with this hairstyle is that it looks too poofy. It makes me want to attack him with some hairspray or moose xDDD Now Gackt, if you can just move it back to the Setsugekka style I will be happy =] And for the love of kimchi, don’t perm it like Arritake no Ai de =___=;;;

      Btw, welcome to my site 8D

  3. I agree with you guys…those people made Orenji sound bad….>.<"

    I just had to watch this! My year end tests are on and Gackt's proven to be lucky on more than one occasion for me! Yipeeee!! I heard his voice!!!! I saw him!! (please don't mind me…tests have addled my brains).

    As for his hair….I really want that Flower hair back!! -mentally talks to chibi Gackt: Pwease, pwease, pwease!!! Get that kawaii hair back ne!!!-

    • Shweta: Yeah, it wasn’t as great as it could have been o.e;
      Haha that’s okay! Gackt does miracles after all~ And good luck on those tests!
      He still technically has that hair… he just likes to poof it for some reason .____. If he had Setsugekka curly, Flower/RRII straight, or wispy like in that New Year’s TV show where he’s ben champion twice in a row, I would be happy *___*

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