Posted by: Jo | March 5, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.03.04

The picture is of GACKT sitting on the living room couch, with the DVD playing in the background.
Just as a reminder, the pictures on the staff blog change whenever a new entry is posted, and only members can access the previous entries after that n.n;
Staff Blog 2010.03.04

No translation yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s just talking about GACKT checking out the VISUALIVE DVD ;]



  1. hi!
    i´m new on u blog but .. i love it ! (L)
    “please insert smile here”
    well…yes the entries talk about Gackt watching the visualive…so…that means… he probably finish the edition of the VISUALIVE and he´s checking it! so….i´m gonna cry now…´cause…i can´t bought it!! TT______________TT

    • Nicolle: Welcome to my site x3~!
      *smiles back* 8D
      Yes, he’s finished with it, and he’s rather proud about it as well n.n
      o.o Oh nuuu >.<;! I hope you get to buy it someday soon!

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