Posted by: Jo | March 8, 2010

GACKT – Samurai Festival 2009

It’s the return of Kagetora-sama!!!
*sigh* I loooove GACKT in samurai mode…

Thanks to dyan25 for the Samurai Festival pics!
Samurai Festival Pics 1
Samurai Festival Pics 2
Samurai Festival Pics 3
Samurai Festival Pics 4



  1. Oh my god. Dressed like a samurai… >///<

    • Lizzybear: My thoughts exactly @//@

  2. thanks again for this video , GACKT in samurai is totaly AMAZING <3<3<3<3 I can't waiting anymore for BUNRAKU T______T

    • moon: I can’t either T^T

  3. Samurai GACKT!!!!

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