Posted by: Jo | March 13, 2010

GACKT – TV Appearances 2010.04

Thanks to xrytalmad for the info!

4/3(Sat)5:30am-8:00am Nippon Television「Zoom In!! Saturday」
4/4(Sun)11:15pm-11:45 Fuji TV「新堂本兄弟(Shin Doumoto Kyoudai)」Unscreened omnibus
4/10(Sat)9:30am-2:00pm TBS「王様のブランチ(King’s branch)」
4/17(Sat) 26:00~26:30 SKY Perfect TV! Animax「Animelo Summer Live 2009 -RE:BRIDGE-」(Digest)
4/20(Tue) 24:30~25:00 SKY Perfect TV! Kids Station「Animelo Summer Live 2009 -RE:BRIDGE-」(Digest)
※Only showing one song of GACKT’s – 『Ai Senshi』
4/23(Fri) 8:00am-10:25am Nippon Television「Sukkiri!!」
4/25(Sun) 7:00~7:30 Fuji TV「ボクらの時代(Bokura no Jidai)」
4/29(Thu) 8:00- TV Tokyo「ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS」
*GACKT dub as a Lucifer Maltazard.*


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