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I’ve been holding out on you guys, sorry!
As you may or may not know, this book includes pictures of GACKT’s career – his look from then to now, tour recaps, discography, and some lovely photos taken just for the book – in addition to messages from the staff, GACKTJob, fellow artists, and 100 phrases and ideas that make-up GACKT’s beautiful mind.
Anyway, today begins the start of posting translated entries from GACKTIONARY for all you Dears. I know I already posted a link earlier to a translation of an entry from this book, but this is the first time I’m actually posting a translation on this site (btw that one has been edited as well ;]).
So for once, no links!

Why you ask?
Much like Jihaku, I feel like this book is really important into understanding where GACKT comes from and who he is. So I want to show the world the GACKT of now, and I kind of think that it’s much too important of a thing to simply link back to. And with permission from dear Val-san (excused_early… thank you so much again!), I have the go ahead to post her translations on here. So really, all thanks goes to her okay?!
*shoves the love her way*

I’ve rambled on too much, sorry xD;

Dreams are there to be realized, not to be dreamed.
To realize a dream, you have to stay steadfast in your strong will.

I attended a high-school graduation ceremony as a surprise guest, and these are words that I said to all the students there.
The ability to dream is given to every one of us in the world. But dreams are not there to be dreamed, but to be realized. This act of realizing a dream is accomplished through one’s strong will and accumulation of actions. If you don’t understand this, dreams will always be something that you simply fantasize about.
You can say that a dream is like a set of blocks. For instance, imagine stacking up 100 blocks one by one. If you can visualize in your head what the blocks will look like in the end, then all you can do next is to keep building it carefully, piece by piece. That’s it.
A dream is a completion image. Once you have a completion image, you think about how you can complete it and start building it.
But a person who can’t reach their dream is the kind of person who would stop and wonder in the middle of the process “Will I be able to do it? Maybe not?” Whether you can do something or not is unknown until you actually try it, and something that’s too hard to do can often be very easily accomplished at a later stage in the process.
There are words I’m really fond of. They’ve sort of become my principle in life, and they have to do with the patterns of people who succeed and not succeed in life.
Someone who doesn’t succeed will first come to “know (shiru 知る)” about something, and then “memorize (oboeru 覚える)” it. And then, most people will start thinking right away. This act of “thinking (kangaeru 考える)” is akin to “worrying (nayamu 悩む)“. But some of these people will be up for the challenge and “take an action (koudousuru(行動する))“. But since this action comes after the act of thinking, it takes place very slowly.
Now, the successful pattern is this. This pattern is the same [as the unsuccessful pattern] through the “know” and “memorize” processes. But the next process goes straight to “take an action”. As soon as one starts taking an action, obstacles start popping up. So, how do you clear these obstacles? One will try to “think” up ideas and “think” creatively. That’s when the act of “thinking” occurs for the first time.
What do you think is the most important process from among the four: “know (shiru 知る)”; “memorize (oboeru 覚える)”; “take an action (koudousuru(行動する))”; and “think (kangaeru 考える)”? Actually, the answer’s already written in them. If you read these kanji, 知る, 覚える, 動く(ugoku=行動する), and 考える, they together read “tomo(知) kaku(覚) ugo(動) kou(行).
[Tomokaku ugokou ともかく動こう = Let’s just move.] [Translator’s note: Each Kanji (Chinese character) has more than one reading.]
Isn’t this interesting? In other words, the important thing is to “Just go ahead and move”! I heard this for the first time when I was 19, and was blown away by it. I thought “I’ve got to take an action, I just need to go ahead and do it!” You can’t just keep thinking “Not this, not that” in your head. You should just go ahead and try it out. You’ve got to. First give it a try, and then you can think about improvement/solutions afterward, and wonder “Why didn’t I realize such a simple thing before?”
Now, I wonder when you’ll come to this realization.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!



  1. wow. that’s incredible. i’ve had this saying “just do it” told to me so many times, but never like this. it seems to make more sense in japanese when you connect the stem characters. thanks for the post.

    • keyinjpop: I guess it just takes a different perspective sometimes in order to get the real message across you know? It really is amazing…
      You’re welcome, and welcome to my site x3

  2. Thanks so much for this translation. I have the book and love looking at the photos but have no idea what it says. Very interesting and wise words from GACKT as we knew it would be. Can’t wait for more!

    • Shaz: Hey long time no see~!
      Haha I’m in the same boat as you – I have the book, but don’t know much of what’s in it xp; Sometimes I can get a gist of what he’s saying (albeit a really small, tiny gist) but for the most part I’m clueless n.n;
      You’re welcome~!

  3. Thanks a lot for this post. I do have the Gacktionary book and I love it. Unfortunately I didnt understand any single kanji so far. Though thanks a lot for this!!! Love your blog and all your hard works. Thanks also to all the lovely people around supporting Gackt as us fans. 😉 Domo!

    • Vandala: Welcome to my site!
      You’re welcome~ That’s so typical of us fans ne? We buy something we can’t understand but know it’s quite special xp;
      Oh thank you so much, dou itashimashite! And yes, thanks to everyone who supports him ^^!

  4. wow, that`s exactly what i wanted to hear or read in this moment. i have been on hiatus with my projects and don`t know what to do for months ago, soon i will graduate master degree and my project is very vast *about mythology and religion in India, China and Japan, i wonder if i can keep on finishing this large amount of works tot do, due the fact that the dead line is in July, so nervous about* and what gackt says about dreams come true, is so true, but is no so easy thing to do. of course there are a lot of obstacles on my long way, hope to get over…to make your dream true ask for you to do sacrifices, i hope i will make it. after reading this, i feel lighter, just a bit, because i`ve been thinking about to get the PhD diploma next year, but don`t know yet. reading this gives me hopes. a big thank you for posting this, it clear up my vision. *sorry for my poor english, english is not my native language, even if i speak 3 more language, beside english, i speak french and a bit japannese and korean, sorry once angain for my language*

    • Sisteru: You’re welcome, and I’m glad it helped you out. Indeed, we all have doubts when it comes to dreams and goals and often it’s enough to make you stop in your tracks. But just like Gackt said, you have to let go of those fears, clear your mind, and just go for it. You won’t know until you try =]
      Oh don’t worry about your English abilities, it’s actually quite clear ^___^~!

      Actually I’m not the one you should be asking n.n; The credit goes to excused_early for translating it all, so you should ask her instead. You can contact her through a pm here (you need an LJ account though, sorry!)

  5. ps> can i post the text in my blog?
    i want people to be able to read this, i want to share with other this way to make your dream come true.

  6. Wooo thanks for this, my book makes some sense rather than just pretty pictures… i have such a man crush xD

    • un[Beautiful]: I know right? xD You’re welcome~

  7. reading this just blow my mind awayXDDDthank you so much for posting this!!!<3 its so true about wat he said about realizing dreams!!!i sometimes i get worried too about something but i'd just go for it anywayXD ppl usually think i'll get in big trouble coz doing things thats difficult…but i really like trying new things~ u'll nvr knw until u try ,right?

    • t!ffa: You’re welcome x3
      Yeah, you just have to go for it and have faith it’ll work out!

  8. wow, I’m 19 and currently blown away! gackt is amazingly wise.

    • unofficialdear: Hahaha I’m 18, so I share your thoughts lol

  9. I have to admit, for a moment there I thought he was advocading to skip the thought process all together. ‘Gackt told me’ would’ve made for a horrible excuse if caught in the act of thinking after acting, if at all.

    And then I re-read it and…it’s so clear. He truly is amazing.

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