Posted by: Jo | March 21, 2010


I want to try working at McDonald’s. Without smiles.

I used to not know how to smile. I couldn’t express smiles well, and it’s only very recently that I learned how to smile properly. I started to smile very consciously ever since I met Ogata Ken-san in the Taiga drama [Fuurin Kazan].
So, the impressions people get of me have probably changed lately. It used to be impossible for me to smile on variety shows, but I smile a lot more now in photobooks, magazines, etc. I just really realized the necessity of smiles. And I owe [this knowledge] to Ogata-san.
It’s not that I wasn’t laughing inside in the past. I just couldn’t express it externally. And the words [the quote] were uttered by me at the time as sarcasm. Because of my inability to smile, I just said I’d want to try working at McDonald’s if I wouldn’t have to smile. LOL*
The power of smiles is pretty incredible. You can sense it when you interact with people. Smiles are like special drugs that truly heal people’s hearts.
The young members of my staff still have a lot to learn about their jobs. But I often tell them this. I’d much prefer them to be incompetent and smiling than be frowning while doing half-assed jobs.
Smiles don’t create stress. It’s more beneficial for people to keep smiling through mistakes than keep frowning while working.
They heal my heart, too. I think this sentiment is shared by all business owners and people who are in the positions to lead.
It feels much better to be around girls with pretty smiles and young guys who can flash really cool smiles than around uptight folks who keep frowning while doing their half-assed jobs. Everybody should realize the power of smiles more.

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. konbanwa Dear !!

    THANK YOU for this translation ❤ GACKT's smile is just so amazing *______*

    • moon: You’re welcome x3
      It’s beautiful *____*

  2. thanks for the post~~~<3

    • t!ffa: You’re welcome x3

  3. Thank you so much for this~

    I love reading everything he writes about because it’s always so..interesting and thought provoking!

    so thank you..

    • muzik_luvvx: Welcome to my site!
      It is, his mind is amazing food for thought~
      And you’re welcome =]

  4. Thanks so much for it! I really appreciate your work. Well and after watching the RRII Teaser yesterday, it brought me into a special mood. I just love to hear and read about his inner thoughts. Its like reading his biography. You can kind of guess about his soul. Its great!

    • Vandala: You’re welcome x3
      I completely agree with you! I love reading his inner thoughts, it really shows how deep and intelligent he is ❤
      I don’t remember if you’ve commented on here or not, but just in case… Welcome to my site!

  5. I am glad he did learn how to smile…his smile is beautiful, and it always brightens up my day. Hopefully his act of smiling brings as much joy to him, as it does to me.

    • I remember back in the day when he rarely smiled. Back then your heart always fluttered and melted when he showed them pearly whites. I mean, it still does now, but it was real dangerous back then xD;
      Though now because they’re so white and he shows them off so much, I have to wonder how I’m still alive….

      • It’s simple Jo. You live to see another of his smiles ^_^ An aspiration, more so than a curse.

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