Posted by: Jo | March 25, 2010


Self-confidence is something you squeeze out of yourself,
not something given to you by others.

My fans often say to me, “Please give me courage. I’m not confident, please give it to me”. But nobody would have a problem if it were something so easily given. That would be too convenient. Why do they all say “give me, give me”?
I want to say to them, “Don’t say Give me! That’s not the way it is, is it?”.
When something is given to you for free, you can’t find value in it unless it’s something you need. It’s the same thing with “courage” and “self-confidence”. If someone handed them to you, they’d be just like clothes in the wrong sizes. You can’t wear them, and they won’t look good on you. You can’t make them your own. It’d be like a wrong-sized armor.
The point is, everybody has their own specs for both courage and self-confidence. Courage and self-confidence can have no meaning unless they fit your own sizes. You need to build them up on your own. Otherwise, they won’t be armors you can wear.
The kanji itself is written as this: “θ‡ͺ(self)δΏ‘(belief)” – Believe in yourself. You can’t believe in yourself if [the belief] is given to you by someone else, because what you can believe is the results of your own actions. You’ll be able to believe in yourself only after experiencing the outcome, right?
In other words, self-confidence is not the result of something you’re given by others, but it’s something that is born out of a habitual [cycle] in which, after going through an experience that resulted from your own action, you come to be able to believe in yourself for the first time.
And that is what becomes your courage and self-confidence.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!



  1. oh wow~ everything he said is so true…

    G-Sama…your the only artist I know who can make me actually think XD

    Thank you for this~ πŸ™‚

    • stellena10102: Haha you’re welcome!
      And welcome to my site =]

  2. I have a lot of confidence building to do…

    Courage and self confidence…I think, even if someone COULD give you one of the two, it wouldn’t be the same. If you ever feel afraid, or unsure, (it happens to the best of us at times) you won’t have the background experience and knowledge to fall back on, and know how to get back up on your own two feet. And the memories…it’s good to know that YOU accomomplished yourself…if that makes sense.

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