Posted by: Jo | March 27, 2010

GACKT – YFC Tour Update!

More dates have been added to the YFC tour. Just as an FYI….. these dates are being mixed into the same time frame as the Nemuri play, which means that GACKT is going to be extra hard juggling this schedual.
In other words, he’s crazy as usual ._______________.;

Thanks to xrytalmad for the info!
YFC Tour Update



  1. How do you get tickets if you live outside japan and what are the terms and conditions if you can but flights are cancelled – can you sell tickets on? We live in England but my daughter will be flying to Osaka at the time to visit someone – arriving the weekend before the Osaka concerts start – so if it is possible to get tickets I could maybe fly out with her. I can but dream!!!!!

    • Shaz: Well for YFC, sadly it’s a fanclub only event, so you have to have membership in the FC in order to get a ticket. And even if you did have a membership, the tickets are given out randomly in a lottery instead of a first-come, first-serve basis. In this way, it ensures that everyone has an equal chance at getting a ticket.

      I have heard that this tour is also available to non-FC members, but I haven’t seen much information about that so I don’t know whether it’s true or not x.x;;; If you know anyone in Japan who is a Dears member or who could possible read the information on his site, they could probably help you out better than I can at this point n.n;;
      I hope that helped a little bit ><;;! I'll try to look around for more information on this, so sit tight!

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