Posted by: Jo | March 30, 2010


You can just feel the testosterone just oozing out of this video XD


  1. yep , this video is soo AMAZING *____* fanboys are so crazy haha ❤

    • moon: Hahaha I know, they love Gackt as much as we do! xD

  2. Woww…I wanna go thereeee!!!! ;_;
    Hahaha, those fanboys are so lucky.
    And one more thing… Gackt + straight hair = O.O ❤

    • Victoria: Me too ;o;
      I love his straight hair too, though i don’t mind Setsugekka hair either ;]

  3. Amazing! This was concert with power 🙂 I want to see this DVD! 🙂 I am glad GACKT is doing brand new things with new image. It looks really good. Really really good rock concert 😀

    • Miriel: Hahah definately!

  4. could someone explain to me about the YFC again^^’ i got confused coz i got distracted by other gackt-related updates lol too much info just comes straight to my faceXD haha

    • t!ffa: Haha that’s okay, it is pretty confusing xD
      The whole point of the live was to be male’s only so that Gackt could help encourage and inspire his male fans to become better men for their women, because there’s a lot of weak men nowadays and Gackt hates that n.n; The band he made-up for this live is YFC or YELLOW FRIED CHICKENs, a pun on Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s kind of the same thing he did for Camui Gakuen with his made-up band S.E.X. JAPAN instead of X JAPAN. I think he decided to go with the KFC-related name because of this reason here.

      I hope that clears up any info n.n;;

  5. Wow, I never knew he did a thing called S.E.X. Japan, that’s hilarious. xD; Sometimes I wonder if parents in Japan ever hesitate to let their kids follow up on his life, or even listen to his music. If my parents ever saw me talking about something like this, they’d be like, “What are you reading?!” or “What are you listening to?!”. -_-

    • Victoria: Heheh yeah, the band for Camui Gakuen was S.E.X. JAPAN xp;
      I really don’t know.. to be honest I think they’d be okay with Gackt, espeically now that he seems more open and stuff. But then again, he’s still the same Gackt inside so… I don’t know. xD

      Oh man, that’s always the worst when parents don’t allow you to listen to him or music you like in general=\
      I would hope they could learn to accept it just a little bit…

  6. Sadly, that’s how my parents are… =/ that’s why I’m so thankful they can’t understand what he says lol. xD I’d be very nervous to take them to one of his concerts as well, since he does the fanservice and all. They know I listen to him and that I’m a rabid fangirl, they just don’t know “everything” about him, that’s all. xD

    • Victoria: Well nowadays he doesn’t do as much fanservice… you know, besides feeling himself up LOL.
      Ah, but I suppose it’s better that they don’t know everything about him, what with all his ridiculous antics at times xD;
      My parents are quite opposite: thanks to my obsession they’ve learned to love Gackt too~ They might not know every single detail about him but they are well-informed =] I hope someday yours can accept him like mine do
      *crosses fingers for chu*

  7. Ahaha I’m definitely ok with him feeling himself up, It’s just the other stuff I sometimes worry about because you never know with him. ^_^;;;

    Technically…they don’t HAVE to know everything about him to accept the fact that I like him. It’s just…like for example, if they read the English lyrics to Vanilla they’d be like this “WHAT IS THIS?!” lol. All they really know, or think at least, is that he’s just a Japanese singer that I’m obsessed with. =P

    But It’s ok, I doubt he’ll ever come close to Pennsylvania for a live… no one that cool ever comes here… T_T But whateverrrr…a fangirl can dream~!! >.<

    • Victoria: Haha quite true~

      Well I suppose that’s better than diving further into his crazy mind, for their sake anyway xD;
      Aww, let’s hope someday soon he tours the U.S. >.<!

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