Posted by: Jo | April 1, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.04.01

GACKT is in the middle of doing some voice work for the Shiki anime (and with that good ol’ straight hair you all missed so much~).
Staff Blog 2010.04.01



  1. He’s the voice of an Anime character?! I MUST watch this Anime! o.o And yes, I missed his straight hair~ >.<

    • Victoria: Haha yes, his character in Shiki is Seishiro Kirishiki. If you want to see what the story is about before the anime premieres in July, you can go to or to read it beforehand =]
      I kind of missed it too~ It’s much more preferable than what’s in the Wonda CM e.e;

  2. Hey!
    Love your website and all the Gackt info that you provide for us. Today i have come to you with a proposition. It is completely Gackt related and i’m wondering if you’re interested. Please e-mail me back and i’ll give you the details. Don’t worry i’m not an old man stalking you!

    • Saiya: Welcome to my site, and thank you!
      Lol okay I trust you xp; I’ll send an email within the next couple of days as soon as I get back home, promise!

  3. Yes, that style of hair doesn’t suit him. In fact, it kinda reminded me someone who might’ve lived in the early 1700s… >.>
    No more of that, Gackt, please. xD

    • Victoria: Well, considering there’s that 1540-year-old vampire in him, I think he’s allowed to pull it off. Not that I enjoy it though. XD
      But yeah, agreeed lol

  4. Ahahaha that’s a good point! Maybe It’s his inner Vampire coming out~ ^.^
    In a way, I kinda wish he’d have kept his real age a secret, his 1540 age is so much cooler, and it makes people go “WTF?!”. xD

    • Victoria: You know, I tend to tell people his vampire age anyway, it’s fun to see their reactions xD; Even if his real age has been revealed, I’ll still keep his vampire years in check lol ;]

  5. Haha yes! That’s what I’ll do~ ^_^

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