Posted by: Jo | April 4, 2010

GACKT – GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final ~Chinkon to Saisei~ DVD Review

Haven’t done one of these in a while and I did stay up last night until 4 AM watching this so.. might as well write about it while it’s still fresh in the mind ne?
If the first part of information below seems familiar, that’s because I copied it from the other post. xD

This is the DVD for GACKT’s VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final ~Chinkon to Saisei~. This tour is conceptually linked to the first Requiem et Reminiscence Tour back in 2001 and spanned a total of 60 tour dates beginning on December 12, 2008 and ending on July 12, 2009. The tour final at the Saitama Super Arena is the one that is being presented in this DVD. This DVD also sums up GACKT’s 10th Anniversary as a solo artist and marks the beginning of VISUALIVE, a term he coined that is made up of the words “Visual + Alive + Live” and that describes his style of performance and expression.

After watching this last night, I can honestly say that GACKT has produced another masterpiece to add to his incredible collection of works. I can truly appreciate and understand what he has been trying to do for the past fifteen years of his career, and to see it all come together now.. it’s truly remarkable and I can only applaud his efforts in admiration. Now, I don’t believe that this comes up to the incredibly high pillar that he tended to place it on, but it comes damn close – and that’s worth mentioning.

The cinematography is beautiful. All the camera angles in this film are used to their fullest in order to get the right amount of close-ups to GACKT, Job, the stage, and the audience as well. I should mention that the scenes used in this VISUALIVE differ greatly from those in the WOWOW broadcast, so you may find yourself missing certain scenes and wondering why the heck WOWOW didn’t use these shots instead (haha~!)

A plus for all of us Overseas fans is that as soon as you put in the DVD, a menu pops up with the options to choose subtitles in Japanese, English, Mandarin or Korean. Sadly, the subs are not present during the MC or band member introductions BUT they are present during certain performances and the movies. They are also grammatically correct and flow quite nicely so your brain doesn’t have to do extra work re-arranging the sentence structures in your head (well… except for these two small typos during Sayonara, which adds some humor to the other-wise serious and heart-breaking performance). The documentary of the tour featured on Disc 3 is also a definite treat, especially since this is also subtitled. I personally love seeing behind-the-scenes featurettes, so adding that + GACKT = many moments of sheer laughter, joy, and a new sense of appreciation for the tour itself, let alone the DVD.

I think what I love the most out of this VISUALIVE is that you can tell it’s got GACKT written all over it. Everything just feels so him, and I’m proud to say that I believe he reached his goal. You can certainly sense the emotions and story coming out and feel the hard work that was put into making this. It’s quite an achievement, and truly something only GACKT can do. Ah yes, this has definitely helped mark his place in the world.

Watching this also brought back so many memories of when I attended the live on the 11th, a day before this version was filmed. Now, of course not even this VISUALIVE can compare to actually physically being there, but I do believe a small part of you will find yourself transported into his world, as he has done with every DVD release. As soon as it began I felt my heart racing just as fast and excitedly as when I was standing and watching the opening movie on the big screen… when Sayonara was playing, I was once again stunned into silence and wished so badly that I could scream out loud, yet I only managed to get swept up in the heart-shattering duet on violin and try not to cry from it all… and I danced along during U+K and Koakuma and laughed and smiled during the MC at the things GACKT and Job said or did.

As for any negative feedback that I may have, it’s mostly audio. For the most part the audio is spectacular but there are some small annoyances. Robotic sounds have been implemented into some performances to strengthen the storyline and really get the point across that GACKT is playing ZERO, who is a cyborg. Although it is incredibly cool and does in fact enhance certain moments or performances as a whole, it sometimes gets in the way of the music, most notably in No Reason and In Flames. There are also instances when the roar of the flames is increased, which do the same as the metallic sounds. Lastly, the audience’s audio levels go back and forth between being magnified and muted, most notably during the MC.

Despite these slight problems in audio, this is his first true VISUALIVE, so it’s a bit of an experiment and work in-progress. GACKT himself stated that it’s not yet perfected but considering how it’s turned out, the results are effing jaw-dropping.

Overall, this DVD is simply amazing and I recommend it to every single person on the planet.
As a small warning, I think after watching this you’re going to want to watch it again and again. I’ve only watched it just yesterday yet I’m experiencing some withdrawl symptoms. XD



  1. That’s sounds amazing~! 😀 I can’t wait to watch it online…hopefully… >.<

    • Victoria: I hope you get to view it someday, and eventually own it because it’s really gorgeous @___@

  2. great review i agree with you completely 🙂

    • Beth: Thank you and I’m glad you think so x3

  3. Hello

    This is the only blog I found a decent review of it, and having just watched it and also seen it live, I agree with you mostly. However, in my case the robotic sounds bothered me even more. I was quite annoyed by them to be honest. I think they should’ve only left in the really exceptionally cool ones that surprise you.

    Without those robotic sounds, which SERIOUSLY are overdone and ruin many of the songs which are supposed to be touching (eg. Sayonara, when just as you’re getting to the mood he twitches his head a little with the empowered sound again ><), I would've definitely found this DVD perfect. I wish there was an option to remove them 😛

    Oh and BTW, I don't know if its only me but I found it that the audio didn't sound very live at all in many parts — it sounded like I'm listening to the songs from a CD… I guess it could be the lack of echo in many of the songs, which is quite prominent unlike usual (kinda sounds like unplugged to me).


    • ageyou: Welcome to my site~!
      Oh, thank you! I’m glad to know my review is decent .//. …

      Ooo an option button would be cool~ But I’m fine with them now anyway, so.. yeah lol. I just wish they weren’t so loud…

      Mmm, a few of the songs I guess could be considered re-done, but I thought some of them were live to be honest o.o;
      Bah, I guess only Gackt and his staff know what they did with the editing and etc. I’m just gonna take it as it is xp;

  4. My best friend and I, both a fanatic fan of GACKT and You absolutely LOVED this DVD. Took us a while but finally bought it and had our own little concert. How does he do it, he gets better each time, just amazing awesome man.
    Well, for us the best part was Sayonara. We cried and had to tell each other to breathe. We both noticed that after the violin duet it wasn’t the usual screaming voices but a loud clapping sound as if we are in a classical concert hall. Fabulous! The only thing that is bothering us is that we can not come up with the name of the classical tune he used in it, it’s killing us. Do you know the name?
    Thank you for all you do on this site. I really enjoy reading them.

    • Rhi: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Awww that’s so great! I watched this by myself the first time around (well the parents started to, but fell asleep because it was real late.. ended at 4AM XD) but the second time I had a mini-concert with my Gackt buddy too~~
      He certainly is ❤

      Isn't Sayonara beautiful?! The violin duet kills me every time….
      Do you mean the piano tune or the duet on violin? I know that the piano melody he plays at one point has a familiar sound in it akin to Hamon Kyousokyoku, a piano/drum duet he performed with Kami back in their Malice Mizer days (the vid is here, and the melody starts building around 1:23 but starts at 1:50). And even that piano performance has it’s roots in Pour le piano (prelude) by Debussy.
      As for the violin duet… I honestly don’t know n.n; But I’m sure I can find the answer if I look around enough~
      Hopefully the piano is what you were looking for (if not, at least it’s interesting trivia lol).

      You’re quite welcome n.n

  5. Hey, it sounds totally amazing! I really want to buy it but where? I live in Germany and all the sites I found so far demand very high prices which I can’t really afford. Do you know where I could buy it without becoming broke?

    jess xxx

    • Besides the sites listed under Shopping Sites section, I’m not really sure where else you could buy the DVD from ^^;
      If you knew of a place around your area that sold Japanese goods, that could be a place to start. Other than that, used goods that people sell on eBay, etc. or places like LiveJournal would be another place to look (but be careful as they could be fake or they’re tryingto rip you off).

      If all else fails, the best way would be to save up enough money to buy the DVD from an official site.
      I hope that helped you in some way at least!

      • Hey, thanks for replying! I think I will get it from an official site after all, it’s simply safer and I’m sure it will be worth the money!

        jess xxx

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