Posted by: Jo | April 4, 2010


Cooking is just like making an album.
Once I’ve started the process, I become very immersed in it,
but I wouldn’t want to do it everyday. LOL

I hate (cooking) with passion, and I feel the same way about music. I love listening to music, and I also love eating. But I detest producing them. The reason? It’s because I become too picky about them. I become too wrapped up in it. I suffer because I pour so much of myself into it. Cooking and music are similar to each other. You come up with an idea, you collect the necessary ingredients for it, and what you’re making keeps changing its form during the process. Sometimes, I go “Wow, so this is how it turns out?” in the middle of the process, and there are also many cases in which the process keeps going great until the last flavor is added and ruins everything.
When you think about it, housewives are incredible. They’re all like Tetsuya Komuro at his prime. It’s like, images pop up in their heads, and what they make are all pretty good! They’re truly amazing.

Translator’s Note: Tetsuya Komuro = He was a popularl keyboardist for TM Network, then an enormously successful music producer for artists (called TK Family) including Namie Amuro, and then his popularly waned gradually. He was recently arrested for fraud. =/

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!



  1. Again thanks so much for this

    • Shaz: You’re welcome =]

  2. Well this was cute in a funny way, lol. If I were Gackt, I wouldn’t wanna cook either since it supposedly takes him four days to prepare the meal anyway (or so he says)… xDD I’d probably starve just waiting for my food to be done. u.u;

    • Victoria: Maybe that’s just curry though XD He counts the shopping for the meat a part of the whole cooking process,, so in reality it’s probably like a day or couple of hours lol. I mean did you see him cooking chicken?! That took about an hour tops xD

  3. No? I didn’t see him cooking chicken. Is there a video of it on Youtube? xD

    • Victoria: Really?! Where have you been woman, I totally posted it on here too lol!
      He was on this show called Saturday Night Chubaw! The link is here =].
      Just as a warning, you might stop breathing for a while. xD

  4. Lol, was it a while ago you posted it? XDD And if you hear about a girl on the news who stopped breathing named Victoria…well…you’ll know why~ >.<

    • Victoria: Haha yeah, I watched that thing like everyday *____*
      *burns all the evidence* It wasn’t me!!! XD

  5. I think the problem with my cooking is that I get immersed into too much things at once, and end up ruining at least one of them <.< What was it that Gackt said? "I like cooking, but I love women who can cook?" XD Makes me want to improve my own culinary skills.

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