Posted by: Jo | April 6, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.04.05

This week’s blog features blinged-out iPhone cases. The spotted one is Chacha’s and I believe the YFC one is GACKT’s producer’s, Enoumichisuke. GACKT himself has a gold and silver case ;]
Staff Blog 2010.04.05



  1. I want a Gackt cellphone case~! xD

    • Victoria: Me too… if I had an iPhone.
      Actually, I would by the case even if I didn’t have an iPhone xD But not really, because I’m broke from the RR2 DVD v.v;

  2. You could always customize a cell phone case when you get more money. 😛

    • Victoria: I might as well spend it on the Gaku merch I don’t own though. Or college. XD

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