Posted by: Jo | April 6, 2010

GACKT – WONDA Coffee PressCon + CM 2010.04.05

Here’s the press conference along with the new commercials. In the first vid, the commercials begin at 0:52 and GACKT’s commercial starts at 1:07.
In the second vid, the CM’s start at 4:17 and GACKT’s starts at 4:33… LOL

This is the making of the commercials:

And for just GACKT’s CM, it’s been translated by the girls at subbed_magnum – thank you!

Thanks to xrytalmad for the pics!
WONDA Presscon Pics


  1. …his haaaaair. X’D Oh god, his hair~ *attacks it with a comb*

    • Lizzybear: xD To be honest, it doesn’t look as bad in these pics as I thought it did in the CM.
      I might be crazy though lol

  2. hello Dear =)

    Oh my GACKT !! how beautiful he is *______*

    • moon: So very very inhumanly beautiful *___*

  3. Well I couldn’t see these videos clearly at all, so I stopped half way through lol, but I just had to say that his hair isn’t THAT bad from what I was able to see…but…maybe he should consider getting a new stylist anyway? xD

    • Victoria: xDDD Well his stylist got this look wrong but the Nemuri one was fine. So I don’t know what to think lol

  4. moi hearts this! totally adorkable that manly leap in the air.


    attack with comb? here comes the cavalery with a straightner!


    • ActingAReaction: Lol I know, the dork. xD

      Hahah he better be ready to fight us off!!

  5. Maybeeee uh…the stylist had an off day? xDD I dunno…

    • Victoria: Maybe lol

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