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Justice is defined by people with great influence.
But is it really just?
Justice is created,
it’s not something that’s already there.

Some people might misunderstand these words to indicate that IΒ deny today’s world, but I don’t. I just want to explain my view of what so-called justice is.
The standards of justness are nothing but a part of the rules needed for our daily lives, and are defined in each era to accommodate the lives of the people. People change the rules of justness to suit each era.
This is the reason why, when I’m about to take an action, I don’t make a move by asking myself, “Is this right?”. I think a judgment that is made based on the degree of justness is the most dangerous kind.
Instead, I’m always trying to value my feeling that tells me what I’m doing is not wrong.
To tell you the truth, I try to keep it vague whether or not what I’m doing is right…., or rather, I intentionally keep myself from making a judgment as to whether it’s right. However, I can say that “It’s not wrong” with confidence. I can sense it when something is wrong. I live my life by focusing only on this point.
So, I’m sure people often think of me as strange or eccentric. But the way IΒ look at it, everybody’s simply too confined in the same mold. When I’m talking about my lifestyle, I’m often asked “What type of place do you live in?”, and I answer “It doesn’t have a single window”. Then this astonishes everybody, who then goes “Ehhh?!”. But it’s actually me who wants to go “Ehhh?!”. I want to ask “Why do you need a window?”.
Whether there is a window or not isn’t really an important issue. I just think it’s a mystery that everybody seems to think it’s the norm.
There was an incident that left a huge impression on me a long time ago. There was a class in my school that was dedicated to teaching the excellence of the use of tatami (straw mats) in the Japanese culture. “In Japan people take their shoes off in the foyer before entering the house. This helps to keep the room temperature constant, and to keep dirt from being carried into the house. Japanese culture is superb!” [The teacher] explained that it must be the truth because even the textbook says so. And the students were all nodding in agreement without having any doubts. Then a friend who’d come back from living in Europe asked the teacher, “European houses don’t have straw mats, but they also have many advantages of their own. Have you ever lived in a house that didn’t have straw mats?” This made the teacher go really red in the face and to say “No, I haven’t…”. These words made a strong impression on me.
I thought, “So, how could you talk so adamantly about something you don’t even know?” On top of that, nobody was questioning what [the teacher] was saying.
This won’t do. This is a characteristic of Japanese people. Maybe not just Japanese people, but perhaps the characteristic of all peoples. When a person who is older or more experienced say “This is the truth”, people tend to just believe it. Before you know it, it turns into justice.
The important thing is to go to [a matter in question] with your own feet, touch it with your own hands, see it with your own eyes, and then make a judgment on your own. These experiences will become your own ability to make distinctions as well as form your own standards. That is the most important thing.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. So…this is a bit confusing, is he saying like don’t judge something until you know the facts about it? Or something else? The words “justice”and “justness” were used a lot, so I’m just like “uhhh… @.@;;”

    • Victoria: Basically lol. To use your own observations, experiences, and to search out the truth for yourself before accepting and adopting a way of life, situation, or ideal as your own. That’s what I understand anyway. Trust me, it’s going to get more confusing as we continue. xD

  2. haha.. let me add on to this confusion…

    You can say that GACKT practices Metaethical Moral Relativism. Thus, he always feel that judgements should not be absolute. Also, judgements are relative and unique for everyone.

    Thus, we shouldn’t impose our judgements on others and at the same time, we shouldn’t just follow others’ judgements are those are their thinking and not from us.

    To sum up, GACKT is very open-minded towards all kind of thinkings/perspectives/ideas/judgements from others. But, being open-minded and accepting others does not mean that you agree with others blindly. While not being critical on others, at the same time, he also finds that one should have their own thinkings/perspectives/ideas/judgements. He is one that values individuality and democracy.

    This is like my ethics, philosophy class… He is so profound… I wonder if he studied sumtin on ethics or philosophy… If not, it is really amazing that he can come up with such highly profound way of thoughts… He does think a lot, ne?!

    • Yikiwa: Wow, that was an incredible explanation.
      Thank you for that, it makes much more sense in those terms. I mean I know what he was saying but you phrased it in an easier-to-get-manner lol, so thanks again!

      He does, and I love his mind for that. It’s just wow-ing @____@

  3. haha…. GACKT does wow us with every little single piece of work that he produced… so… sometimes I’m thinkin….

    Only if GACKT is not so beautiful and charming, he will get more attention to his work pieces…

    People/media tends to forget bout how good his work is and always focuses on his look and his background and stuffs like that… It’s such a waste… Even if he is an old uncle with big beer belly….. I will still love him for his music and beautiful lyrics…. Looks are only plus points.. but people often get the priority wrong… well… maybe it’s the nature of the industry he is in… but… still…. such a waste… sometimes…

    • Yikiwa: I agree with you, Gackt is so much more than a pretty face. Beauty is all it’s hyped up to be anyway. In the case of Gackt, a lot of people take one look at him and base their opinion on his appearance. I just wish people were more open-minded and would take the chance to get to know the man inside and appreciate the genius work that he’s done…. *sigh*

  4. That explanation was a lot more helpful, thank you, Yikiwa! πŸ™‚

    He does think a lot, maybe he reads philosophy books in his spare time. o.o

  5. Dear Camui Love πŸ™‚ I also write about GACKT-san, especially for my Polish friends. You can see my blog here: I would like to create the site with links to Chapters of Gacktionary. I will post only links, not translations, but I would credit all translators and you of course. I don’t know if I should ask you for permission? I’d like to post links to these chapters of Gacktionary which are posted on your blog πŸ™‚ I hope you will agree. You can see it here: It would look like this.

    • Miriel: Oh hello there! Yes I’ve seen your site before, hooray Polish Dears! xD
      Oh, I would ask excused_early for permission about the GACKTIONARY translations, it’s her work after all ^^;
      If she’s okay with it, then I don’t mind you linking back to this site.
      You don’t have to credit me, really o/o; I’m just the messenger here eheh~ But thank you for the offer.
      Hope all goes well =]

  6. Thank you Dear Jo πŸ™‚ I have already written to Excused-early with the same question πŸ™‚ I have just asked her for permission and now I am waiting for an answer. Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best πŸ™‚ and more beautiful GACKT! πŸ™‚

  7. I guess he’s using justice as an example of the ‘norm’, to illustrate the importance of different viewpoints? Because some could say it’s fine if people are close minded on things such as windows, as windows or not are not that big of a deal (Unless you’re calaoustrophobic). However justice and law are such large concepts. If you refuse take off your blinders, you could condemn those which need forgiveness, or the otherway around. Does that make sense?

    Gackt is so very profound…he always makes me think.

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