Posted by: Jo | April 9, 2010

GACKT – Nemuri Kyoshiro Poster Scans!

This is the promo for the play. See, here the curly hair works :p

Thanks to ryuik for the scans!
Nemuri Kyoshiro Poster Scans



  1. Lol, his curly hair does work here. I think it just depends sometimes. 😛

    • Victoria: Haha yeah. I mean Setsugekka is fine, Nemuri is fine, but WONDA and his current style were a bit wha ._____.;?? So.. maybe it has mood swings? XD

  2. Lol maybe his hair has a mind of It’s own. It’s not that I mind it curly, but I just don’t like when It’s slicked back like in the WONDA commercial. It looks a lot better when it falls in his face. ^_^

    • Victoria: Agreed, it looks much better that way. His hair works slicked back when it’s straight though, interestingly enough~

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