Posted by: Jo | April 10, 2010

Featured: G Says Community LJ!

Since I’ve started posting GACKTIONARY entries, I thought I should talk about the place that it was originally posted in n.n

As the name of the community suggests, it’s a hub for all of your GACKT translation needs! From GACKTIONARY entries, magazine interviews, video clips, and random tidbits – if G said it, you can bet it’ll be there. The community was created by excused_early and all entries are translated by her. And with each new translation comes a dozen comments from members that leads to in-depth discussions about entries from GACKTIONARY or just multiple agreements on how silly the man can be~

As a little measure of security, the community is members-only. But no fear, membership is completely free! All you need is an LJ account, request to join, and send a pm to excused_early telling her why you love GACKT. Simple yeah :D?
So, go check it out!
G Says Community LJ


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