Posted by: Jo | April 10, 2010

GACKT – Arena 37C 2010.05 Previews

WARNING: Shirtless GACKT may cause many a fangirl to faint.

Thanks to amaiakuyume for the previews!
Arena 37C 2010.05 Preview

You can purchase this magazine from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Does he enjoy killing me slowly inside?! O____O;; My goodness, I thought I was gonna freaking die when I saw this~~! How…how does he manage such wonderfulness?! o.o

    • Victoria: Oh you know he loves teasing his Dears xp;
      It’s all that training and diet he has.. unless he was just born with this wonderfulness @___@…

  2. D:< *went out and bought this, stat***

    • furesiya: LOL

  3. I think he teases without even realizing it. xD If only he knew how he made his Dears melt. >.<

    • Victoria: Oh, I’m sure he knows all too well his affects on us all xDD

  4. You’re probably right, and I bet it amuses him as well. xDD

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