Posted by: Jo | April 12, 2010


I’m going to try to post an entry every Monday and Friday. That way you start off your week with something thought-provoking and you can end it with one too~ 8D

People who are powerful or magnetic will always be hounded by the world,
but they also have many supporters.

Let’s take school for example. A student that stands out in the class is disliked by everybody else. The world is built on the balance between the sense of superiority and the sense of inferiority. Everybody feels superior to others about something, and feels inferior to others about something else… People rank themselves on the brink of [these senses of superiority and inferiority]. By comparing themselves with others, people maintain their sense of selves. This is an animal instinct.
How can we go up [in rank]? How can we keep ourselves from being denied by others? How can we go on without disliking ourselves? Everyday, people are thinking about these things, or sensuously processing them, based on very intricate balances. That’s why people who are powerful or magnetic become targets of envy. If someone says “Let’s do”, and everybody else says “I don’t wanna”, a battle has already begun at that point. People would often mock the person by saying “Come on! He’s ready to take on the world all on his own”. There are actually a decent number of people who would just be defeated by [the oppositions] and give up.
When the energy involved with “Let’s do” is compared with the energy involved with “Let’s not”, the energy of “Let’s not” is much stronger, because it’s the energy of negative gravity. The energy of “Let’s do” is a force of attraction.
Being a force of attraction in the midst of massive negative gravity is an act that requires a tremendous amount of power. If you keep emitting a force of attraction at the maximum capacity, this will eventually free some people from the negative gravity. And before you know it, they’ll be there supporting you.
But this doesn’t happen right away. There will be a time lag. After being generated continuously, the force of attraction eventually cancels out the gravity and then slowly manifests itself. The question is whether or not you can keep emitting the force of attraction until then. If you can, you’ll have an abundance of supporters before you know it, and things start going your way more smoothly.
People often give up before reaching this point. They’ll say “I tried, but couldn’t”. But that’s not true. They’re not really trying. Their levels of “trying” are too low. Trying(頑張る)means to “insist upon(張る) your will with stubbornness(頑)”. It’s an act where you first establish your will clearly and then continue to push it forward. If you can do this, there will be people who will accept you.
A person with a strong backbone is cool. On the other hand, someone who says “Let’s do” and then gives it up immediately is the most uncool type of person. He’s half-assed. People would say “He’s all talk.” This is the most embarrassing cycle. If you decide to do something, you have to go the whole nine yards.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. He’s so deep. o.o

    • Victoria: Yeah… I adore his brilliant mind ❤

  2. Cool…. GACKT is so so so profound… and his command in language is really good… Cuz for Jap (Kanji) or for Chinese… People will tends to miss the real intended meaning by just taking the surface meaning and not the origin of the word… But he takes things to another level and truly understand them…. No wonder we have such beautiful lyrics from him everytime…. 😛

    and this is so so so man… He said it, he promised it and he WILL get it done and delivered… He is someone with strong backbones…

    • Yikiwa: Indeed~ Gackt’s got a thing for languages, so it’s natural he’d use only the best lyrics for his music too. I also love that he uses a lot of word puns, like in many of his songs where he’ll put the Kanji for chuu (universe) in place of the word sora (sky), just to get across the point that he’s not talking about the sky itself, but beyond that and into the space, the heavens, etc.

      And very strong-willed and never half-assed ;]

  3. hahaz.. isn’t tt the very reason why we all love him????

    • Yikiwa: Yes x3~! I just want more people to love him is all, lol

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