Posted by: Jo | April 12, 2010

Help GACKT get on Rock Band – Round 2!!!

These are the results from the first poll:
1. Dir en grey
2. the GazettE
4. L’arc~en~Ciel
5. Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~
8. D’espairsRay
10. girugämesh
11. Alice Nine
12. Nightmare
13. An Cafe
15. LM.C
17. Asian Kung Fu Generation
19. Kagrra,
20. SID

Congrats to all the fandoms out there for getting their artists on the poll~!
And a big thanks to you fellow Dears – GACKT made it to #3!! Apparently he had the #2 spot locked down for a while, but GazettE fans managed to sneak behind us >.<!

This next poll will narrow the competition down to the top 10. Only one vote is allowed per IP address and you can only vote for one artist this time around. Even if you don’t play video games, this is still a great opportunity for GACKT’s music to gain more exposure throughout the world. Time to kick it up a notch – let’s get to voting Dears! YOOOSSHHAAA~~!!!



  1. Voteddd! 😀

    • Victoria: Yaaay~ I did too :3

  2. I voted and I don’t even play rock band or live in america for that matter… but Gackt must win! Was a tough choice between him Dir en grey, D’espairsray or The GazettE lol

    • un[Beautiful]: Thank you~!!
      I know, there are a lot of other amazing bands on that list. I wish I didn’t have to vote for just one T^T…. but if I must, it had to be Gackt lol

  3. voted!!! that was fun 🙂

    • Beth: *hands cookies*

  4. Lol I’m running out of friends who will vote. 😛 Maybe I’ll post it on the game sites I play on? xD

  5. Looks like voting is over… o.o

    • Victoria: Yeah, polls closed the same time as last week I think…

  6. Haha it seemed quicker though. Oh well, I voted so I’m happy. ^_^ *Crosses fingers for him*

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