Posted by: Jo | April 14, 2010

GACKT – Tono to Issho

This is part of the anime Tono to Issho, which centers around the Sengoku Era of Japan and the generals and historical figures in that era. GACKT was cast as the seiyuu for Uesugi Kenshin.
Episode 5 is about Takeda Shingen actually being in love with his rival Uesugi Kenshin.
Episode 6 is about Uesugi Kenshin changing his nickname to Bishaemon (Bishamonten x Doraemon)
And the GACKT to Issho special is about how they persuaded GACKT to be a part of the series and other stuff. But in all honesty, all these videos are just LOL-worthy. XD

Episode 5:

Subbed Version

Episode 6:

Subbed Version

GACKT to Issho:



  1. This was so funny…I watched this last night when I went to your LJ, I especially loved when he played himself, that was great. xD

    • Victoria: Oh, cool~ xD
      I think the last scenario with Gackt does better justice to him than the middle ones with the flying angel and naked lady.
      Still.. the whole thing is crack-tastic. XD

  2. Haha yeahh…at first I thought this was just suppose to be a joke someone made, but I’m guessing that this is what the Anime is really gonna be like?

    • Victoria: I have no idea lol. I guess we’d have to find out when it comes up or whatever .__.;

  3. hehe i don’t understand a word of this 😛 but it is still funny to watch, i agree that GACKT ,anime form, look better in the third sketch 🙂

    • Beth: Hahah yeah xD

  4. I’M L**** IT!


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