Posted by: Jo | April 16, 2010

GACKT – BIGLOBE Stream 2010.04.15



  1. *sighs* His voice! Even Malthazar begins to look tasty! XDDDD

    • mjspice: Really?! xDDD I have trouble seeing Malthazar that way even with G’s voice XD

  2. This movie looks really familiar… it was made in America wasn’t it? I forget the name though. o.o

  3. @Victoria: Yeah it’s the sequel to Arthur & the Minimoys. GACKT was in the first one too! 🙂

  4. @mjspice: I’ve never seen it… o.o I’ll definitely have to watch it now. xD

  5. I just noticed I’ve been spelling the movie title wrong – Minimoys rather than Minnoys. Damn it… xD

  6. @Jo: HEHH! The movie also known an Arthur & the Invisibles so you could say that instead. XDXD

    • mjspice: True xD
      A little lazy to fix it though 😡

  7. I knew it~~!!! I KNEW this movie had the word “invincibles” in it or something. When I read the title Arthur and the Minimoys, I was like “that doesn’t sound right” because I wasn’t aware it even had different names. xD

    • Victoria: Hahah yeah xD;

  8. @Victoria: Yeah it does get confusing when movies have different names! *COUGHHARRYPOTTERCOUGH*

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