Posted by: Jo | April 21, 2010

Gackt Blog 2005.10.05, 2006.08.06, 2007.03.20, 2007.03.27 & 2007.04.02

There is a reason I post these old blogs btw. Not only is it entertaining and interesting to see Gackt’s thoughts and incidents back then, eventually I will get to the blogs that he made while filming BUNRAKU… I just want to torture you all first with the wait >p.
*insert evil laughter here*

But I’m going as fast as I can =]

2005.10.05 – Gackt is tired after performing at one of the DIABOLOS lives.

2006.08.06 – A little treat for the ol’ MM fans. Gackt met up with Kozi and the two were nostalgic together (aww…)

2007.03.20 – A little about the aftermath of the Ski Trip and training for Furin Kazan~

2007.03.27 – Uh-oh, his Mac broke…

2007.04.02 – Reflecting again about the Ski Trip and re-living the horror of having to dress up like… Marylin Monroe?!?!?! xDD

Thanks to uranus-sama for translating!



  1. Jo~ he dressed up like Marilyn Monroe XD!! OMG that is hilarious….well okay, the part that’s funny isn’t his dressing up, but his reaction was just mind-boggling hilarious *dropping in laughter*~

    • Lucy: Hahah I know, he was soooo embarassed by it xDDDDD i wish I coulda seen it >.<!

  2. His blogs kill me, they’re always so funny. I liked the first one especially, where he says “I think that… if I were driving, I would have made a grave mistake and died.” like, I know that’d be terrible but he put it so bluntly, it made me laugh. xD And…and…I wanna go on a trip with GACKT~~!! o.o

    • Victoria: Oh yeah I know what you mean xD; It’s interesting to see that he’s always been such a crazy hard-worker x__x;
      I wanna snowboard alongside him T^T…

  3. LOL! Yeah he dressed up as Marilyn. There was pic too but UNFORTUNATELY they mosaic’d his face! I wanna seeeeeeee!!!!!! T_T

    • mjspice: I saw it before too, and I’m like NOOOOOOOOO I WANT FACE TOO!!!!
      He might have said he looked scary, but I think he would have looked damn fine…. Lucy Camui says so!!

  4. Oh yeah IN CASE anyone wants to see the piccy:

    STUPID MOSIAC! *tries to remove & fails*

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