Posted by: Jo | April 21, 2010


Firstly, it looks like the name has changed from YELLOW FRIED CHICKENs to YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz (I emphazised the changes).
…I know, my world was flipped-upside down with this news as well. XD;
YFC Name Change

This is a bigger version of the YFC banner, thanks to xrytalmad!
Finger-Lickin’ Good…

And on the YFC page on the OHP,you can see the cover of the Otoko Maturi DVD if you scroll down~.. *sigh*
YFC Page

The final and most exciting news perhaps, is that excused_early summarized a little bit of the interview from the Pati Pati 2010.05 issue. In it, GACKT states that this current YFC tour is the last one he will do in Japan (completely irrelevant to his VISUALIVE tours, mind you). He will probably continue YFC for male-lives only, but this is the first and last time he will tour as YFC and that will be open to men and women.
Instead, GACKT plans to take YFC… overseas?!?!
YFC Overseas Tour?!

Now nothing has been finalized, but having GACKT himself talk about it.. well, this might be what we’ve been waiting for! I realize that this is not like his regular, spectacular VISUALIVEs that he’s talking about bringing over, but this is a great start into promoting himself and getting a bigger fan base overseas so that one day he can do a VISUALIVE overseas. One small step at a time you know?

P.S. Included in the last link is GACKT’s reasoning into coming up with the name YFC.. not that it makes any more sense. xD;



    Oh my gosh, just imagine if this actually happens~ ahaha watch him not come to PA though…I’ll be devastated. >.>

    • Victoria: *crosses fingers*

  2. I still won’t be able to see him. T_T

    • mjspice: No moolah ;o;? Or nowhere near a possible venue?

  3. Cannot contain self over this information XD I REALLY hope it happens – I’ll go to every single one I can afford! 😀

    • ObsidianMoonlight: Hahaha so many fangirls will be poor by the end of it, if it is true xD

  4. XS when i’ve first read: “GACKT states that this current YFC tour is the last one he will do in Japan” i thought “omg don’t say he is quitting”, “hmm then why would he add “do in Japan”” so i felt so relieved … phew
    @_@ really?! well since i didn’t get the DVD *pouts* maybe i’ll get a live tour instead XDDDD *dreams with eyes wide opened* wouldn’t that be nice?

    i’m at work shhh >.>

    • Simo: I knew someone might misinterpret it, so I guess it’s a good thing I cleared that bit up xD;
      Much better than the DVD. Though.. with the DVD you could stare at his chest forever… >//>;

      Silly! You’re always on JRR, LJ, or here while working huh? xD

  5. Jo: XDDD Nope when i’m at work… I’m not on JRR, LJ or here (actually here i’ve posted only this week?… i think… and i don’t have an account, i’m not gonna make one, i just come to read your posts :p) … first of all because they usually don’t work… they are blocked, i have no idea why they are working this week… shhh don’t tell, and i’m not gonna complain either. Plus i hardly have the time when i am at work, most often i don’t even have the time to breathe, but i’m ok these days…let’s see how long it last :D.
    Hmm i need to call Dee, it’s her Bday today ^_~.

    • Simo: Aaah so you stalk me eh? lol
      Oh yeah that’s right, I forgot about that x__x;;
      Mum’s the word! *zips the lip*
      I hope it lasts long, you need a break~
      Ah yes, I’m gonna send her a message later today =D!

  6. OHHAY, i was just checking up on this website (i ran into it on accident..) but im so glad you keep it uptodate~ =w=b

    • Erika: That’s a good accident yeah =D;?
      And you’re welcome x3

  7. I was wondering where can i find yfc plushie ..I realllllly want it and the camui g school stuff there no website or lj or somewhere that sells it?



    • lena: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Umm there’s no real specific site to be honest. Different fans sell things all the time so it depends on how lucky you are with finding them. I know that through shopping service sites you can get those goods as well, but I don’t know all the details involved with them. eBay is another way of getting stuff as well. I’m sorry I can’t be of much help ><;; But if you ask around, you're bound to find something.

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