Posted by: Jo | April 23, 2010


Many people are confused about what kindness is.
When someone gets hurt, you may be able to alleviate their pain by licking their wound.
But that will never close up the wound.
The act of sewing up their wound even though they may scream in pain,
that is the only true kindness with which the wound can be closed up in the end.

There is an expression “lick each others’ wounds”, but people often have very wrong ideas about the word “kindness”.
Too many people care about how they’ll be perceived as after the so-called “kind” act they performed. But that’s not true kindness. It’s just self-satisfaction, self-indulgence, and self-staging.
When someone gets hurt, a truly kind person thinks ahead about the condition of the wound that has been healed.
The act of sewing up the wound accompanies pain. So, when the wound is being sewed up, the [injured] person would say “OUCH, OUCH.” He may get mad, saying “Why in the world are you doing that to me?” He may even resent you or become violent. But when the wound has healed, he will realize, “I wouldn’t be here today if my wound hadn’t been sewn up back then. I am grateful.”
However, people who don’t want to be seen as [mean people] during this process will do the act of “licking the wound” because they don’t have resistance to such comments as “Why do you give me so much pain?” “Why do you hurt me so?” “Why don’t you understand me?”. When you lick their wound, it’ll lessen the pain, so they’ll tell you you’re a nice person.
But consequently, the wound stays open. It doesn’t closed up at all, and a clear scar will also remain.
This is the difference. When someone’s hurt, I’m always conscious of how to sew up their wound. So, I’ll say things clearly, no matter how harsh they may be. And I always think to myself, “In time, he will understand the meaning of this. If he still won’t get it, that’s OK, too. Maybe he just needs even more time.”
I believe there will be a point in time when they will understand and appreciate this act [of sewing]. It shortens their [healing] time, and helps them grow faster. It’ll help them not get confused about life. This is my kindness.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. Oh, GACKT lol, he’d tell you how it is even if the truth hurts…I guess that would make someone heal faster though. At first, I took this the wrong way and was like “what is GACKT doing performing surgery?! o.O” XD;

    • Victoria: LMAO
      Dr. Camui… It has a nice ring to it actually~

      I think he’s really strong to be able to tell it how it is. I know I tend to sugar-coat stuff from time to time because I don’t want to hurt others feelings, but reading this.. I know it’s better to just speak my mind. No hesitations, just do it! Wierd how all his entries can relate to that first one one way or another xp

  2. I sugar coat a lot, which obviously isn’t good…but I always feel bad if I hurt someone else’s feelings. The only time I don’t sugar coat things is when I’m mad at the person.

    And if Dr. Camui existed, I’d be sick every day. xD

  3. thank you for another of the gacktionary episode they are always so inspirational :p

    • Beth: You’re welcome x]

  4. If it’s something little, fine, but if it’s something big, like the loss of a loved one, would he still be so blunt? I would hope not =(

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