Posted by: Jo | April 24, 2010

GACKT – Arena 37C Special 2010.06 + Silver Accessories Vol.10 2010.04 Previews & Scans!

I think magazine fever for Gackt is starting to pick up again~
My wallet weeps in sadness…
Anyway, two more mags for ya’ll:

Thanks to dyan25 and fin-style for the previews and to tenshin26100 for some of the scans!
Arena 37C Special 2010.06 Preview
Silver Accessories 2010.04 Preview
Silver Accessories 2010.04 Partial Scans

You can purchase these magazines from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. You know, I’ll bet any money that by the time he’s like 80 years old…he’ll STILL look this amazing~! >.<;; It's just not possible for him to be ugly… u.u

    • Victoria: I agree, he’s going to be one sexy old man…. @___@

  2. TOO MUCH PHOTOSHOPPING! I keep saying that whenever I see the Darts Cover! XD

    • mjspice: I seriously thought that was Tora from Alice Nine when I saw the Silver Accessories cover. XD

  3. They really did over-Photoshop the first cover, It’s so bright and blinding… x_x hmm, maybe I need to work for this magazine and show them how Photoshop is done? That’d be so cool. >.<;;

    Anyway, I think the second cover looks great! 🙂

    • Victoria: A lot of the shoots are like that for some reason x__x; The banner pic, for instance, I darkened!
      You totally should 8DDD!

      The second one.. is strange to me. xD

  4. I dunno, the first pic looks like there was a flash on the camera that shouldn’t have been there. xD; And do you mean the banner on the top of the site? And…if I could do designs for international people, I’d probably cry~ :’3

    The second picture is a bit strange, but I like looking at it over the first one haha. =P

  5. That picture was very bright as well, I like how you darkened it…it looks much better. 🙂

    • Victoria: Thank you 8D

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