Posted by: Jo | April 26, 2010


We’ve hit the double digits 8D~!

I’m chicken.
I have a fear of losing to myself.
So, to keep that from actually happening,
I keep building a body that can win.

“Why are you so stoic?”, people often ask me in magazine interviews. That’s because I’m chicken. And scared. I know the laziness in me. I can’t control it well like everybody else can.
But I always think that it might just be a good thing to be a little bit chicken. Because you’ll then know your weak points, and make efforts to compensate for them. If you don’t know them, you may delude yourself into thinking you’re strong, and when you lose, you can’t even figure out the reason for [the loss], saying “Why did I lose?”  I’m always aware of the cowardice in me and know what my weaknesses are. That’s the very reason why I want to strengthen those parts of me without compromise.
My No.1 reason for my training has to do with part of my philosophy, which is this. “If you can’t fight as a man, you’re no longer a man.”  Part of my aesthetics says “How can you call yourself a man if you can’t even protect a woman you love?” If I ever failed to protect someone I love right in front of my eyes, I don’t think I’ll be able to live on in this world.
I know I’m talking about a very extreme situation here, but it’s not 100% impossible for [something like that] to happen, right?  People often say “That could never happen”.  That’s where they’re soft.  They’ve never even thought of the possibility of something like that actually  happening.  But if you thought “It could happen…”, then you’d prepare for it, wouldn’t you?
The important thing is to keep yourself prepared for something, even if the possibility of it never actually happening is greater than the other way around. That’s what samurai did. During the peaceful Edo period, how do you think samurai could remain samurai in the absence of battles? By training every day, to be ready for battle at any moment, even in the war-less world. The people who served to protect their lords that way, those were the people who were called samurai.
Then, what is my duty as a man now?  With a dangerous, once-in-a-lifetime situation in mind, I train every day so I can fight as a man, as samurai, to protect the most important person to me. That’s all there’s to it. I’m just protecting my precious castle.
A woman is a castle. To protect the castle, a man strengthens his body through daily training. That’s what we call samurai. I wonder how many samurai exist in the world today.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. It’s interesting the way he worded this… I find that he is the opposite of a coward to acknowledge that anything can happen at ay time, and the fact that he actively seeks to better himself because of this is… very admirable, isn’t it? Not many people are comfortable trying to mentally (or physically, even) prepare themselves for some things they can’t bear to think of facing.

    Great entry, thanks for posting =)

    • janga201: Agreed 100%. I couldn’t have said it better myself really ^^
      You’re welcome~

      And I don’t remember if you’ve commented on here before, but if not.. Welcome to my site 8D!

  2. Hmm…he says “I wonder how many samurai exist in the world today”, my guess would be not many, not many like him at least. I love that he betters himself every day for the people he cares about most to protect them. GACKT’s definitely a good example of a “perfect gentleman”. 🙂

    • Victoria: Yeah there really aren’t, which makes Gackt even more rare ^.^

  3. Hehe, I like the rare ones. ❤

  4. I swear that everytime I read his entries: I find myself thinking that whether or not I agree with many of his life theories (although most of the times I do), he is so mature to be able to outline specifically what he believes in life. I really don’t think many people can do that!

    By the way, thanks Jo for answering my curiosity regarding his samurai’s wife portion =) It makes a lot more sense now!! (Haha, before I was getting all confused, because sometimes he says “she” should embody so many characteristics that it almost got convoluted lol~)

    • Lucy: Same here xD And other times he’ll say things that I have similar thoughts in, but he words it better n.n
      Mhmm agreed!

      Oh you’re welcome~! Of course, that’s just my take on it but it seems like the logical meaning lol

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