Posted by: Jo | April 26, 2010

GACKT – Touch the Numbers 2010.03.30 to 2010.04.15 & 2010.04.17 to 2010.04.25

.. I think we can safely say he’s as obsessed with this game as he is with Gundam o__O;

Thanks to ashura_oh and nightangel_jai for the pics and translations!
2010.03.30 to 2010.04.15
2010.04.17 to 2010.04.25



  1. I SRSLY need to have this game! STUPID COUNTRY LIMITATIONS!

    • mjspice: Is it only for Japan? Or rather, you can only see his scores if your in Japan ;___;??

  2. I think you can get the game if you’re in the US. Not sure about seeing his score tho. :S:S

    • mjspice: Grrr x___x; That’s the whole point of getting it! xD

  3. No no, you can see the score in the game if you’re in the US. You just hafta have Wifi for it. The game is free by the way. 🙂

    • Victoria: Oooooh, how awesome then! Thanks for the info, my friend was wondering about that xD Now I have news to tell her~ lol

  4. Yeah if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch then you can download it for free thru iTunes.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have that option as it seems to be unavailable where I live. 😦

  5. *AHEM* Nvmlastcomment. I FINALLY GOT IT! WOOOOOO!

    • mjspice: *does happy dance with chu*

  6. Haha no problem~ GACKT is the only reason why I got the game. xD And although I completely suck at it, It is pretty fun…so I can see why he’s obsessed with it. =P

  7. @Victoria: HEH! My sister has been playing it all day & now she blames GACKT for it’s addictive-ness! XD

  8. mjspice: Haha well, GACKT did start this Touch the Number trend after all. So It’s only logical that he be blamed. xD

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