Posted by: Jo | May 3, 2010

GACKT – Oshareism 2010.05.02

Ah, I love GACKT in a yukata~…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thanks to amaiakuyume for translating the clips!
Part 1



  1. GACKT + Yukata = <3!

  2. GACKT-sama is soooo yuuummmyyyyy here. Makes you want to take a bite 😛

  3. Wonderful upload, thank you!! Really wish I knew what was going on though lol hopefully someone will be lovely enough to sub 🙂

    GACKT looks fantastic as always ❤ though the hair…little long? Is he growing it for Nemuri?

    • OM: Welcome to my site!
      You’re welcome n.n
      Oh, if you scroll down after the 3rd video, I’ve placed a link there that leads to the translation of the first video; the rest of the translation will be up a.s.a.p. x3

      Yes, it’s for Nemuri~ I’m not sure whether he’s having it straight or curly for the play, but personally I would want straight lol. If he does have it curly, I would hope it looks close to his Setsugekka hair and not his frizzy perm that he recently had xD;

  4. He is really very beautiful 🙂 Thank you!

    • Miriel: You’re welcome ❤

  5. *Sigh* oh GACKT, how I love you. xD His Gundam impressions were funny, and I love his house. I wanna live in his closet lol.

    On video 3, was he taking calls or something from fans? All of a sudden a girl started talking then they pulled out a clock? xD

    • Victoria: I swear his closet is like half the size of my house *lives in a condo lol*

  6. Hey Jo 🙂

    Thanks for the upload ❤ He's adorable!!

    Victoria: I think in second episode, they asked him what would he do to ask a girl out and what would they do on a date. I think they even joked on how he has no time to date, but I'm not quite sure.

    Then I think in the third episode, because he is doing some voice-acting for us, the show found what he liked for a girl's voice — the telephone conversation was with a voice actress I think.

    He's really funny though. The girl was like may I buy this, and he's like of course while the host was like, "wow, no hesitation right there XD". And the host was like what would you like to hear when someone tries to wake you up, G? And he said something along the lines of "Please wake up. Everyone is waiting for you." Then the girl actress reiterated what he said, and G was like, "I'm totally awake XD"!

    • Lucy: No problem Lucy~!

      To elaborate a little more, the voice actress was Sumi Shimamoto. She’s the voice of Nausicaa from Hayao Miyazaki’s movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Apparently Gackt is really fond of her voice~
      Anyway more of a summary can be found from Val-san:
      Here! Here!

  7. I was melting away while I was watching the whole thing … Gackt-sama smiling and laughing is enough to give me a heart attack. @Lucy, thanks for the insight on what’s happening in the interview.

  8. Lucy: Hahah thank you for explaining that. I wanna go on a date with G, and be the one to wake him up~ ahh…that’d be so cool! ^.^

  9. His closet has freaking furniture in it, that’s insane~ xD As for the voice actress, well…let’s just say I wanna be her, or at least have her voice. >.<

  10. I’ve been so busy these while w/friend’s wedding that I haven’t gotten the chance to comment back. Thanks for the link of the translation summary Jo :).
    And your welcome guys ❤ I'd luv to help out whenever I could understand what he's saying!!

    • Lucy: No problem =]
      All help is appreciated really~

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