Posted by: Jo | May 5, 2010

GACKT – YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Otoko Matsuri 2010.03.21

This was originally uploaded by amaiakuyume, thank you~!!!

Intro and ZAN:


Nine Spiral:

Speed Master:


Kimi ga Matteiru Kara:

Mind Forest:

White Eyes:





Uncontrol (Remix Ver.):


P.S. At the end of the concert, GACKT did indeed say he would bring YFC to America.
No official dates yet of course, but things are certainly moving in the right direction ❤



  1. So… sexual! I love it! I really need to see him live

    P.S. Finally got my friends to watch some of RR2 DVD; they hated it :(. Looks like I need to find some new friends… lol

    • un[Beautiful]: It’s really a completely different Gackt than we’ve known him, because the kiai that comes out of this live feels like it’s been amplified 10 fold – such is the power of testosterone. XD

      But aw man, that sucks D:… hopefully they’ll come around one day lol.

  2. I’m so super blur bout this… Jo… Can I check with you… tt ‘HERE’ is the entire DVD or just ‘zan’???

    also… do you have anyway to re-upload it at mediafire??? ir can you send it to me??? pls… I can’t work with magauload… :(((

    • Yikiwa: It’s the entire thing~
      Okay I just tried to upload it onto MediaFire and by email but the file’s too large for me to do so x___x
      Umm.. possibly this weekend, I will try to split up the file and try to re-upload it to Mediafire for you, but I can’t promise it will work *crosses fingers*

  3. Oh…my…GACKT! That concert looked like so much fun~ And you can guarantee I’ll be downloading that RRII DVD tomorrow. Thank you soooo much for giving…er…pointing out that that’s POSSIBLY the link. =P

    • Victoria: I haven’t had time to watch it yet… I just post the stuff and read or watch when I have the time n.n;;
      Eeeh? You found a place to DL it? That’s gonna be a ton of memory space gone, if it wasn’t already drained XD;
      Oh, you’re welcome for the “heads up” lol

  4. OMG! I watched this a day or so ago & it’s like WOWSERS!!!!!!

    • mjspice: Lucky, I need to finish my midterms before starting on it x__x;;

  5. Hey! Awesome upload! But it would be nice if somebody could upload this in HQ dvd rip. If they do, please post a link, please please please:D:D:D

    • Dex|ter: I’m assuming tenshin might, but I could be wrong… as a general FYI, tenshin26100 provides all sorts of HQ downloads on his LJ. I just tend to forget to post about them, and because I don’t want anyone like, shutting him down or something 😡

  6. wow this is amazing!!!!!!!!! it is a complete contrast to the visualive, reminds me of the D.R.U.G party concert 🙂 i love it!!!!! thank you soooooo much for the links ❤

    • Beth: Yeah that’s what it’s been compared to, but better I guess? lol
      No problem ❤

  7. yes!!!! This live Zan version is awesome XD too bad he doesn’t get rid of the shirt till later ;3

    • Min: I remember amaia saying that right when you think that the crowd cam’s gone on long enough and are almost wondering if he did the entire concert this way, it changes to the professional film xD; She was right because I started thinking the same thing lmao. But I admit the camera angle in the beginning is genius, because it gets you pumped up even more so!
      I think it’s during Lu:Na ne? Gah, I can’t wait to see it soon @.@;

  8. I see! I hope he do upload the Dvd in HQ quality:D Please post it then^

    • Dex|ter: Will do!

  9. I just watched the whole concert that amaiakuyume graciously put up for us (I bow to her) and my god the testosterone in that room really goes though the screen… I wanted to scream afterward because I was so pumped up XD

    I think there was like one or two songs I wasn’t familiar with that he sang. I know the one at the end I had no clue what it was. Unless if was like a remix of the song or something… but that was awesome….

    • Min: Hahaha it feels like it’s a really great live~!

      Oh, the two you’re probably talking about are Justified and Kagerou. Justified was a song he did for the pachinko game Bounty Hunter and Kagerou is actually from Chachamaru’s solo album AIR, in which Gackt provides the vocals for that song.
      The last song in the set list is a techno remix of Uncontrol xp;

  10. Soo RRII is now on my comp, and I cannot waitttt to watch it~! 😀

  11. Damn it’s just so awesome that I wasn’t able to sleep all night! Dare I watch it again? :O:O:O:O

    • mjspice: I have a feeling you did ne? xD
      I’m waiting a long while until I watch it again. I want to see it with my dear friend when our next Gaku party is 8D

  12. Wow, I totally misread this post. I thought this was the download of his RRII DVD and just now realized It’s the YFC concert. Major fail on my part, haha. xD

    • Victoria: .. Yeah that is a bit of a fail LOL.

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but… does GACKT keep yelling “F–K F–K F–K F–K!” towards the middle of the concert? o.o

    • Victoria: Yes, during Lu:Na. He almost killed me from the strip tease and the amount of laughter I had after hearing that. XD

  14. I just watched YFC and it was awesome. So full of energy. Words fail to describe how great G and Job are. I think if given a chance to watch a concert of G live, I would like to choose Diabolos and YFC. I find YFC so intimate because of the smaller space, yet the energy running in the crowd is just so amazing. They are just so into it. Hope I can see Gackt-sama perform live one day. *sigh*

    • Teya: Hahaha yes it is indeed~
      YFC greatly reminds me of DruG Party because of that close atmosphere. And I love seeing Gackt do both because it shows that he can put on an incredible amount of time and effort to pull of something as spectacular as his VISUALIVEs and yet still rock it just as hard when given a smaller venue. He’s a true artist through and through ❤
      I think it also helped that it was a men's only live – their energy was off the charts haha! I meant to write a review last weekend but I didn't have time, so I'll settle for this weekend =]
      I hope you can too n.n

  15. I didn’t get to watch it all yet, it was like 1am and I was trying to force myself to stay awake. XD Although I made sure I was wide awake for the strip mini tease, I was kinda surprised when he started dropping the F bombs lol. Another thing I found funny was when he and the crowd were shouting “YFC, YFC, YFC” I thought they were repeatedly saying “What do ya say, what do ya say, what do ya say” lol, it took me a while to catch on. XD

    • Victoria: Oh you had better have stayed up to see that part at least lmao. It didn’t surprise me really – sometimes he’s just that silly lol. I’m actually really pleased with my level of fangirlism because I’ve gotten used to Gackt’s speech pattern, so I can pick out the English words or the few Japanese words and phrases that I know x3 Most people probably find that sad but I’m proud lol

  16. Mini strip* not strip mini. Stupid typos…

  17. Haha I can pick out a few of the Japanese and English words he says too. I need to learn more Japanese though, heh… >.>

  18. *sniff* I finally watched the entire video, and omg…I HAVE TO GO~! :3 He has so much at his lives, It’s amazinggg! I have a question though, who’s the guy with the long hair playing the guitar? I think he’s cute. xD

  19. @Victoria: :O! ARE YOU SRS? That’s Chachamaru!!!

  20. mjspice: Lol yess~ I like his hair. xD Hair and face is the first thing I notice about a guy. ^_^ The guy with the…um…long pointy red hair is Chirolyn, right? Sorry if I made it sound confusing, I should’ve said I liked the guy with the long hair that’s down, haha. =P

    • Victoria: *pushes you to JOB page* Tsk tsk, I am disappoint – you should know who Chacha is upon first sight! Study harder, young padawan.

      Naaah it wasn’t confusing, Chacha’s usually the one with the long, pretty hair~ You could just say spiky and I’d know it was Chirolyn xD;

  21. Hahaha sorry, usually when I become obsessed with one singer I forget the other people around them…shame on meeeee~ >.>;;; I shall study harder! *gets out pen and paper to start learning* READY! xD

    But yeah. Chacha’s hair looks like It’d be fun to play with…I wanna braid it. ^_^;

  22. Whoa!? Are you completely sure that he says he’ll take YFC to America? Because if it’s coming from Gackt’s mouth, then I’m taking that as a fact. I thought he said something about America when I first seen this, but now I have to make sure! =O

    • Alex: Welcome to Camui Love! (I think?)
      Yes I’m completely sure – he said America 8DDDD!

  23. Jo: Yeah, this is the first time I’ve posted at Camui Love, but I’ve been here a lot over the past year. It’s a really nice fansite, by the way. I admire your creation.

    So, Gackt was definitely naming off places… Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, etc. And then America…

    I’m horrible at Japanese. Do you know exactly what he says, or just that he mentioned America? Lol I’m not doubting you; I actually think he said that too! I just don’t want to get my hopes up, you know? I think Gackt fans are often disappointed when they get their hopes up… S.K.I.N… Bunraku… blah blah

    • Alex: Oh sweet~
      And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it n/n

      Hai hai, he was naming off all the places he wanted to take YFC to. So even though America isn’t in his current tour line-up, that doesn’t mean he won’t come here at all – plans are surely on their way for him to reach the U.S. soon =].
      Yeah S.K.I.N. was… well, I don’t have much hope for that to ever revive because each of the members are so incredibly busy n__n;; As for Bunraku, right now it’s just finding the distributor and finishing a couple of touches to the movie, not to mention how to promote the film with advertisements and etc. Making movies does take a while after all~

  24. OH. MY. GOSH. Thank you!

    Hmm, I wonder if he’ll come to Canada. It’s part of America, right? T_T I really, really want him to come… ❤

    • Aqua: Welcome n.n
      I’m sure he will someday~

      Btw have I ever welcomed you before @___@;;?…

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