Posted by: Jo | May 7, 2010


Danger is the greatest entertainment.
I know this [concept] is rejected by many. But I love going to dangerous places.  For example, when I go to places labeled “areas you should avoid” in Globe Trotter [a guide book for tourists], I can’t get enough of the intensity I feel there.  It makes me feel alive.
When I first came to Tokyo, I saw up close a Chinese guy running with a Dragon Blade in Shinjuku, and I got chills with excitement thinking “What an intense city this is!”.  That’s why I still go to Shinjuku occasionally.  I guess I like how the air feels there.
I always think life lacking in intensity is unhealthy.  Because it creates people who take peace for granted.  The scariest thing is for all kinds of things to become mundane. A lukewarm, blind notion that nothing [bad] will ever happen. Some people say “That could never happen.”  But it’s actually the opposite.  The important perception [you should hone] is “Could something happen?!”.
People who drive cars but never have an accident nor make others feel nervous [about their driving] possess an exceptionally superb ability to detect dangers. People with a poor danger detecting ability will cause accidents even after they’ve been told “Be careful!”.  You have to be able to drive while effortlessly imagining various things unexpectedly coming out of corners here and there, and with the ability to manage any crisis at any moment.
The same can be said about life.  You need to be prepared for many [possibilities] just in case they happen in the future.  And if, by any chance, something actually happened, you’d be able to cope with it if you had predicted it and made necessary preparations.  But if you’re not prepared, you’d be shocked, saying “Oh, no!”.  And while you’re rattled in a panic, everything’s all over before you can even do anything about it.
That’s why it’s necessary to have a sense of tension on a habitual basis.


Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. That I may have to agree on. Life wouldn’t be as interesting without that degree of danger. Well said Gackt-san!!! And thank you excused_early for translating and Jo for posting (> ^w^)>(hugs)

    • Min: A little danger or excitement here and there is good for the soul I guess – as long as it’s not like batshit crazy danger haha
      Awww~! *hugs back*

  2. XD I agree to some degree, but in order for me to do dangerous things like sky diving or something, someone has to push me lol
    I especially agree with living in a city like tokyo must be so excilerating(sp)

    • unofficialdear: I agree with you there – I got a fear of heights so you’d have to knock me out before getting me on that plane lmao.
      It probably is, and everything kind of becomes fast-paced for you, so excitement is practically all around you ne?

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