Posted by: Jo | May 10, 2010

BUNRAKU pushed back to 2011!

Thank you to shboundary for the heads up!
If you go to the Official MySpace and look at the left sidebar labeled “About GACKT” and scroll down towards the bottom of that area, you’ll see 2011 next to BUNRAKU. *le sigh*

This does make sense though. For one, if the film was set for a summer release this year, there should have been trailers and much more promotion for the film already. Well, I suppose we can wait just one more year for the film ne? Besides, if Gackt is indeed planning to bring YFC overseas, 2011 seems like a perfect chance to do it – he’ll get more promotion this way ne? Cross your fingers for more news on the film~



  1. Totally agreed with you… 😛
    anyway… Have you ever wonder why??? GACKT is not the only one that keep pushing back the release date… But I see no one going around saying that BUNRAKU is designing a fraud… but GACKT get the sh*t of being frame of frauding just becuz he pushed back the release date for only a few months…

    • Yikiwa: It’s because the media has nothing better to do than to make-up stories or scandals so that their newspapers sell or they get more hits on their websites. Sad really. And just like here in America, the media loves to screw with the public’s heads when it comes to celebrities because that stuff sells like hotcakes, more so than news on actual movies or shows. When you have someone as famous as Gackt, there will be dozens of people who will want to knock him down. But Gackt’s strong enough to take it and toss it back in their faces, so I’m not too worried. 15 years in the spotlight and he hasn’t done anything wrong yet, so I have faith that even if his fame does get bigger, he’ll remain the same.

  2. That’s a bit sad. But I can definitely wait for it (midnight showing for sure! XD )

    • Ju-San: *sigh* Same. It’s a good thing we’re trained to wait for long periods of time though lol
      Midnight premiere AND the red carpet premiere as well. I have this vision in my head of doing something spectacular for that time, but I’ll share it when the time gets closer ;]

  3. *sighhh* Another long year of waiting? The push back date isn’t his fault though I guess. >.> Oh well, I’d wait forever for him. 🙂

  4. So Gackt is trying to bring YFC overseas….. mad excited. Didn’t he like say something at the end of the YFC concert that amaiakuyume posted. I swore he said america, but then again it could have been something else XD

    • Min: Yeah he said America. He was stating places he would go, so it started with Tokyo, Sapporo, etc… and the last thing he said was America. I asked around and both amaia and excused_early confirmed it, so I knew I wasn’t hearing things lol.
      *jumps around*

  5. I don’t think I’d be allowed to go to his YFC concert if he came here. >.<

  6. omg if he does come in 2011… :dies: I would go to his concert if it’s not expensive and close… though I have a feeling it’s going to be in CA. way on the other side there I live on the east coast of the US… crud…. but still :major squee: ^w^

  7. Min: I feel the same way, I’m on the East coast too. Just our luck lol. But it would still be awesome either way~ 🙂

    • Min & Victoria: I hope he gets to visit you guys, East Coast needs some love too~ >3<

  8. Y’know, this is actually good news for me cuz I was thinking of losing my weight b4 Bunraku came out & NOW I HAVE LOADS OF TIME! XDDDDDDDDD

    • mjspice: xD Oh boy!

  9. i can wait ❤ we dears are sertainly well trained lol 🙂

  10. This is a joke isn’t it ? Wow Bunraku the next big thing in Gackt’s carreer ? Err like S.K.I.N. Hahaha This sucks !

    • PissedbyGackt: Welcome to my site!
      Well the set-back on the release date isn’t too surprising. Considering the fact that all the CGI and animation done for the film takes a while to be rendered along with the fact that the entire concept itself is a bit of an experiment, it’s going to take a while before the film is released. Most films take several years of planning and editing before they’re released onto the big screen. Last I heard the film’s going to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France this year, which actually started on the 12th of this month and will continue until the 23rd, where it will be shown to industry professionals who want to distribute the film under their banner.

      I don’t think this is necessarily a reason to be pissed at Gackt though – he only acted in the film, he has no power over the directing or marketing of it.

  11. O_O *whispers to Jo* I think that person is a non-fan. <>

    • mjspice: Maybe, but because he knows about S.K.I.N. and posted this on JRR, I’m giving ’em the benefit of the doubt. I don’t mind criticisms about Gackt or anything related to him on this site, just as long as they’re phrased properly and don’t cause a big internet fight :]
      I’ll be a mediator, with a big stick. xDDD

  12. I agree with mjspice, heh… >.>
    Anyway, now I wanna go to France. o.o

  13. No, folks I am a fan of Gackt 😉
    Maybe my Nick name wasn’t the best choice

  14. The Bunraku movie rumors started in 2008 .. so for us fans it is a long time ..

    First everyone thought it will be released 2009, then pushed back to 2010, now the film was already shown to a special audience and will be shown at Cannes !
    So the film is finished already, but we have to wait another year.

    Some people even think it will be a Direct-To-DVD Release !
    No Gackt on the Big Screen .. I really hope this movie will be shown in theaters !

    • PissedbyGackt: Yeaaah the nickname was a little hard to get around lol But I had good faith 8D

      Yeah, the pushing back on the release date is pretty sucky but remember, we learned about the movie right when it was beginning production. I don’t even think any of us really took into account the amount of time the film would really require you know? Admittedly, the press could have helped with this by not putting out random release dates either o.-; But whatever. I’ve been training myself not to get excited until I see a trailer lol

      Yeah I’ve heard that rumor, I hope it shows up on the big screen as well. I’m assuming that because there are high profile actors on the film, i.e. Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Ron Pearlman, and maybe Josh Hartnett (I’m not sure if he’s THAT big here to be honest .__.; ), that the film will get much more promotion by the media. We can only hope at this point ><;

  15. I just hope they don’t decide to like…not show it. I wonder what critics will say about it?

    • Victoria: Hopefully it’s innovative and a breath of fresh air =D;;?

  16. A new step in American movies lol. There’s one thing that confuses me though, what the heck is CGI Art (or whatever) anyway?? XD;;

    • Victoria: Great question~
      *pushes up invisible glasses*

      The term CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery. Concering film specifically, it refers to any 3-dimensional computer graphics or special effects used in a movie.
      You know what CGI is, you just don’t know it. xD;
      I’m assuming you’ve seen or heard of Pixar films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up; Dreamworks’ Shrek series; Blue Sky’s Ice Age series, etc. etc. ne? All of that is considered CGI as they are all feature length, computer animated films. CGI isn’t limited to full-length features however – films like Iron Man, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, and many more also use CGI to certain degrees. Sometimes it’s used to create an enitre character (like Davy Jones in the Pirates series or Scooby-Doo in the live-action movie) or perhaps it’s used to create an entire city or world that can’t normally be found in reality (like Wonderland in Disney’s latest rendition of Alice in Wonderland or places in the Lord of the Rings series). In video games, CGI usually refers to the cut-scenes/movies that some RPG and action games tend to have (think of any cut scene done for FF lol).

      As for the exact steps into making a single work of CGI… well, I can tell you about that more when I start learning the basics next quarter xD;
      But I hope that helped =]

  17. I keep losing this post… >.< Anyway, that helped, thank you! I always knew CGI was done in Pixar, Dreamworks, and like cartoon movies. I also figured it was done for games like FF. But every time I thought of CGI being in Bunraku though, I kept thinking like "is Bunraku gonna be like…half cartoon half not?" xD or… "maybe Bunraku will be like the new Avatar movie?". Lol, I have a hard time picturing anything cartoony in this movie, so… 😛

    • Victoria: Hahah silly xp
      Well I’m glad I could clear that up for you lol. From what I’ve seen of the pictures from the set, it’s mostly all background stuff that’s going to be CGI. It is a bit of a paper-mache type of world, so expect crazy things to go on *___*

  18. I’m so excited to see it!!! >.<;;

  19. Hey, I dunno if you’re interested in posting this or anything, but I found a little bit of Bunraku news here 🙂

    • Victoria: Yush, I’ve been keeping up with that blog lol~
      Since this site is all about Gackt, I only post the Bunraku news that’s directly related to him. It’s easier on me and lets face it – most of us just want to know how the process is going and whenever G’s mentioned xp;

  20. Ahaha yes, this is very true, forget the other people. 😛

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