Posted by: Jo | May 12, 2010

GACKT – Nemuri Cast Pics

Many of the Nemuri co-stars have been taking some candid photos with GACKT and posting it in their blogs. It’s rare to see this, but still quite amusing~
Btw the Nemuri play starts this Friday =D

Thanks to ratkeerani, xrytalmad, dyan25 and tenshin26100 for the pics and translation!
With Tokuyama Hide
With Shinnosu
With Anzu Sayuri
With Taya
With Tatsumi Natsuko
Nemuri Cast Poster



  1. hello my Dear !!

    thanks for this pictures ❤ I love so much GACKT in Samurai *__* there are new pictures again of GACKT for Kyoshiro Nemuri !! so lovely ^^ this is the link for you

    Oyasumi , this is late here *in france* about 2AM and I can't still slept because of new pictures haha !! kisuuu , take care to you ❤

    • moon: Heya!
      Oh thank you for the heads up! I’ve made a post with links to bigger pictures ^___^

      Take care to you too ❤

  2. […] post will be updated whenever someone else decides to blog about the show. Btw I’ve updated a past post with more random pictures with cast members, so make sure to check it out […]

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