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New section, w00t! And it gets a new color too 8D

S is someone who can give imagination to M.
M is someone who can expand the given imagination on their own

What does S stand for?  People are quick to associate S with sadist, and M with masochist. Not me.  [To me,] S is for Sun and M is for Moon. Isn’t this a cool interpretation?
S is someone who feels joy in making others shine.  M is someone capable of shining with the light shed on them by S.
In sum, the difference is in the ability to feel pleasure by being there*.  I think this is the true relationship between S and M.
This relationship is also seen in society. People who can make other people shine by shedding light on them are S.  People who can feel their own existences and joy by having light shed on them are M.  That’s the S and M relationship, the relationship between the sun and the moon.
I wonder which one of them you can be.

Translator’s Note: *I’ve read this line over and over but can’t quite figure out if the subject of “being there” and “feeling pleasure” is just S, or S for “being there” and M for “feeling pleasure”.  In Japanese sentences, subjects are omitted all the time when they should be clear enough from the context, but not in this case I’m afraid. *flicks G*  =___=
If anyone can figure this out, let me know! =P

I remember him saying something like, when people say “Thank you” to him with genuine smiles, that’s when he feels absolute joy, it makes him feel like it’s OK for him to exist in this world. I thought this was very touching.  He sounded so human, honest, and even a bit fragile.  And I think this is really the fundamental reason, desire, or driving force, that keeps him going, at full speed, in his mission to shed light on us through his life and art.  You know, to help us shine.  But anyway, this comment and this entry make it sound like he thinks he’s an S and not an M, although he has been famously quoted as saying “I want to be your moon”. ^^;  But I believe this is actually a different context, and the two shouldn’t be confused with each other.

My Note: This is just a little extra info from moi and a big clear up for me from amaia (thank you xD; ). Although S&M is usually referenced to the sexual connotation of the word sadomasochism, in Japan they use the term in the non-sexual way as well. Someone who’s “S” likes to be the person in charge, giving orders while someone who is “M” prefers to follow orders. So whenever GACKT’s staff say he’s do-S (or Super S) they usually mean this meaning of S&M, not the other one lol.

Translated by excused_early
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  1. Actually, in Japan, it’s kinda common for people to use S&M in a non-sexual sense as well as the obvious one…someone with a S personality likes to bully/order other people around while an M person prefers to follow orders. I believe Gackt said something in Jihaku about thinking that people who do actual fetish stuff are not in contact with the spiritual side of sex or something.

    Anyway, when Gackt’s staff call him do-S, they’re saying he LIKES ordering them around, not that he gets off on it, lol.

    • Amaiakuyume: *headdesks*
      Thank you for enlightening me, I’m gonna go fix that now… xD;;;

  2. You know… I just learned the meaning of S&M the other day (the sexual meaning) lol, I’m kinda glad to see there’s other interpretations of it. xD

    • Victoria: Yeaaah.. interesting what you learn when you know Gackt LOL

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  4. Ahh yeah, true that lol. xD

  5. Yeah he ever said want to be a moon. Wow.. he’s really interesting person.

    • rezuheart: Welcome to Camui Love!
      He truly is ^-^

  6. Thanks Jo for the posted. 🙂 I think the meaning of this sentences :”The difference is in the ability to feel pleasure by being there”, that being S or M has a different pleasure feeling which you can only know by becoming S or M. That was i thought. (^_^)

    • Pbonk: Welcome to Camui Love =D!
      You’re welcome~
      That’s probably it. More like the pleasure each one gets is different in each situation; for S it would be helping others and M would be being helped 8]

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