Posted by: Jo | May 14, 2010

GACKT – Mezamashi TV 2010.05.14

Well a majority of this video are the hosts talking, but it’s worth it in order to see GACKT wielding a katana like that. Oh BUNRAKU, why couldn’t you come out this year… T^T..



  1. look! Its that akward cafe. and Gackt seems to have more emphasized eye brow movements XD

    any who, sexy with the sword and flowering branch in the mouth XD yay!

  2. *___* sooo awesome

  3. min: what do you mean awkward cafe?

  4. I remember the stage design from Hanamaru Market and that one of the comments said it was very awkward between Gackt and the hosts and it looked like a cafe (to me), that’s why I said it was an awkward cafe XD

  5. Oh I see. XD I was thinking of that video of a Japanese host bowing and losing his hair peice, on failblog, thinking it was the same show.

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