Posted by: Jo | May 17, 2010

GACKT – Nemuri Kyoshiro Reports

Well just like with the RRII Tour, this post will be updated whenever someone else decides to blog about the show. Btw I’ve updated a past post with more random pictures with cast members as well as added more links to this post of the show itself, so make sure to check those out =]

May 16: amaiakuyume’s Report

May 27: ashura_oh’s Report

Oct. 2: pyroyale’s Report

October 19 & 20: b-sim’s Report

Janurary 15: pyroyale’s Report

February 25 + 26: b_sim’s Report

February 26: amaiakuyume’s Report

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. I love the Nemuri pictures!!! oh my god!! especially with the sword and his jumping pose. Man I want him as my samurai

    • Min: Haha I know, I keep thinking about Dancing Samurai from Gakupoid and it makes me all warm inside. xD

  2. […] GACKT – Nemuri Goods Here’s a list of all the goods currently on sale for the play. I’ve also added another report to this post~ […]

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