Posted by: Jo | May 19, 2010

GACKT – Josei Jishin Interview Pics

I don’t know what the interview’s about, but the pics are un-photoshopped gorgeousness (back when he had the curly perm though) @___@

Thanks to xrytalmad for the pics!
Look look!



  1. This perm isn’t TOO bad haha, I actually don’t mind this one. At least It’s not slicked back. 🙂

    • Victoria: This is when the perm was bearable lol

  2. Are these older pictures? I know he had his perm when he did Stay the Decade alive, but had it straight for YFC

  3. Min: These are older. 🙂

  4. these photos are cute it is nice to see photos that have not benn edited 🙂 GACKT look so much prettier like this (although i am secretly glad he has got rid of the curls though ❤ )

    • Beth: Mhmm~! ❤
      Hahaha that's okay, I don't miss his curls all that much either lol

  5. they were kinda…. Micheal Jackson-ish to say…. and they didn’t fit him that well. Bearable like what Jo said but eh.

    • Min: It’s only the hair I’m not too fond of, though I still believe he’s gorgeous~
      I just really love the fact that they’re not photoshopped so much @___@

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