Posted by: Jo | May 19, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.05.19

As is custom with every sort of live GACKT does, all his friends and co-workers sent him flowers as a job well done~
Can you spot Chacha and YOU’s? :p
Staff Blog 2010.05.19



  1. holy crap that’s alot of flowers. That would make me go on an allergy frenzy XD. Anyway, that’s really sweet of his friends and co-workers.

    • Min: They do this all the time~ I’ve seen them presented on tv appearances and pictures from lives. And it’s not just Gackt; In general, I think it’s kind of a little custom in Japan to send flowers to your friends/co-workers who are about to do a show or something really big, as a way of congratulating them. Maybe not only in the entertainment industry but that’s where I usually see them. Gackt’s sent flowers to others as well, like at one of Miyavi’s lives (a beautiful arrangement too!)

  2. Aww, that’s so nice of them. ❤ But no, I can't spot Chacha and YOU’s flowers. xD Where are they?

    • Victoria: Sabine’s comment has their locations 8D

  3. wow where do all of these flowers go?? GACKT would have to open a flower garden just full of flowers that people have sent him ❤
    no i can't see Chacha and YOU's flowers either 😦

    • Beth: That’s something I’ve wondered for a while. Maybe Gackt has like a secret garden (oh snap, like the song XD; )~
      Sabine’s comment has their location =]

  4. Hm,

    I think YOU’s is the one in the very back, and Chacha’s is sitting (to the left) in the middle, a bit lower than the rest.

    Whew, all those cut-off-flowers… couldn’t they give him potted ones? Ones that actually still live? 😉

    • Sabine: Yaaaay you found them! 8D
      *gives cookies*

      Or smaller ones. I can’t imagine where he keeps these lol

  5. Haha how can you guys tell whose flowers are whose? xD

    • Victoria: Waa you still can’t see them? The middle of the picture to the left had Chacha’s name on the bottom and waaay in the back, almost hidden by another bunch of leaves, was You’s with his name on it.
      It is a little hard to point out at first though, considering Hyde’s flowers were like BAM and both his and Gackt’s are all in caps xD I think Mashairo Inoue sent him some too, but his name got cut off.

  6. Er…the link of the picture changed. xD

    • Victoria: xDDD Yeaaah sorry about that. The pic changes once a new staff blog appears, and then they lock the previous entries for community members only. xrytalmad saves the pics along with their translations, but she keeps older posts locked as well (though if you friend her, you’d be able to see them lol).

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